Sunday, February 23, 2020 3:15pm-8:15am CST

Dear All:

I just spoke with Linda and she had a bad night. Our daughter is going to go over and check on her to see if she needs to go to the ER. Tomorrow she is scheduled for a Chest X-ray and blood work in preparation for her surgery on March 9. She is worried that this is going to mess that up. Please keep her in prayer.

This was a great morning. The combined service had an attendance of 445 from the 5 Douala congregations. The picture below is only a portion of that number. They had a ‘remote’ area where some were sitting and standing and the children were on the roof under a canopy. The singing was unbelievable and the overall fellowship was great. Richard taught the Bible class and Jean Claude had the sermon. They both did a fabulous job. Lori was sick and stayed home. She really wanted to go but didn’t want to give whatever she has to someone else. Underneath their room there was a wedding reception that went from 11pm last night until 6 am this morning. They said the music was so loud they could not get any rest. During the worship the power went off a couple of times and we were thankful for the generator. The entire service at Jean Claude’s congregation is always in both French and English as they have both and that was certainly true this morning.

The picture below is of a brother named Olivier (Oliver in English). He had been a member of a denominational church for many years but came to the Lord through WBS. He is a faithful member at Jean Claude’s congregation.

I am going to finish my PowerPoint this afternoon and try to either finish or get close to finishing my trip report. Please keep Lori in prayer. Richard is down a bit but we are not bad. We continue to thank you for your prayers. Please, please keep Linda in prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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