Saturday, February 22, 2020 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

This is the first Howdy in a while where I am not writing about the day’s events at the seminar. It was a relax full day and here is how it unfolded. I actually slept in till 8 after a good night’s rest. I have a myriad of things to do in preparing to leave on Tuesday. I am working on my written report of the journey; PowerPoint for my presentation (something tells me I may have mentioned this yesterday) and other miscellaneous things. I told Jean Claude to take the day off, as far as we are concerned. He has a lot of stuff to do in preparation for the combined service tomorrow. This began 6 or 8 years ago and was Richard Sutton’s idea and a good one it was. He is going to teach the adult Bible class tomorrow while Jean Claude has the sermon. Lori is going to listen to one of the children’s classes and then critique the teachers. I am just going to enjoy the worship with no responsibilities.

Let me explain the pictures below; on the left are Paul, Solomon and Jerry. Paul and Jerry are two of the village preachers we support. By support I mean that they go to their villages on the weekend and we help them in a small financial way. The goal of working with village churches is to help them lead their children to godliness. Nothing against the adults but the kids will leave the village one day and head for the city. If they are grounded in the faith, the church will be blessed. One of the things we have done on this journey is provided funds for children’s curriculum. Paul works in Bai Manya and Jerry in Pete Bakundu. Solomon is a faithful brother in Small Ekombe and he helps with the administration of the funds and the sending of reports to me. On the right is a photo I took while Richard and I were flying down the road. I can text, er take photos and a number of other things while on a machine.

Around 11 I hailed a taxi and he took us to our hamburger place. Lori was the only one who had a hamburger but everything was great. I then went to a grocery store in search of Snickers (I failed but did get Toblerone) while Richard and Lori went to a clothing store. Lori told me that he loves to go clothes shopping. He did not buy anything but we went to a number of stores. Lori bought all of the inventory at the wood market yesterday but asked if they restocked. When I said yes, she decided to go again and this time she only purchased 96 or so items! Got taxi back to the hotel and the A/C great! The heat is oppressive so it was nice to get back in. I then got back to work on various things and around 7 had a snack.

I just Skyped with Grandma and Alex. Alex has been doing a lot of work to help grandma. Linda slept well last night and feels fairly well. Thank you for your continued prayers for her. Monday she has to have a chest X-ray and blood work for her surgery 2 weeks from that day. Please continue to pray for Charles Bishop and I learned today that his wife has Shingles in her stomach. Thank you for your continued prayers for us.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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