Wednesday, February 19, 2020 8:25pm-1:25pm CST

Dear All:

I pray that things are going as well with you as with us. The Lord is truly blessing the seminar. Number wise Richard’s class had 89 compared with 46 last year; Lori’s class had 66 compared with 32 last year and I had 146 compared with 77 last year. We are being blessed by our fellowship and the learning that is taking place.

Normal beginning to the day. Sound sleep and feeling well. Went down to collect Richard and Lori at 8:15 and when we got to her room there were about 10 and as we left the hotel more were coming. Absolutely no challenge today with the exception of crossing the road. You can see on the left below that there is not much space. Once on the machine we made it with no problems. Got the class situated and I came back to the hotel. Had a lot of work to get done and spent a profitable 2 ½ hours. Richard said the class did not go as well today as there was bickering over minor issues. Jean Claude took us back to the hotel as he had some things to do. We ate in my room and everything was deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicous! Visited with Richard and Lori for a while and then got to work on my lesson. Got a taxi with little trouble and the traffic was not bad. Arrived at 2:55 and the brethren were singing. Shortly thereafter I was up and teaching. My translator is named Terrance and you can see us below. He is a school administrator and a GREAT brother. He likes to interject, from time to time, that he is taller than me. What would he think of my midget wife? Scratch that; it was a mistake. At about 4:30 the electricity went out. It was already hot but with no circulating air; it was something else. They had the generator fixed and around 5:10 they had fuel for it and it cranked everything. It is still well over 2 hours before I can see Charlie Brown and Grandma. I will stay busy between now and then. Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we are all well. Also, thank you for praying for Linda.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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