Tuesday, February 18, 2020 11:25pm-4:25pm CST

Dear All:

We had another banner day. Last year the men’s class was 47 and today it was 84. The lady’s class in 2019 was 25 with 65 today. The afternoon class had 72 last year with 147 today. I do not know if the numbers will hold but tomorrow will give an answer. Oh, 46 congregations are represented this year from the English side! The Lord blessed me with another good night’s rest. I do not take that blessing for granted. Lori has slept well the past few nights but not Richard. From my very first trip to Ghana in 1988 I have slept like a baby from the first night. Today began as usual. I went down to Richard and Lori’s at 8:05 as we needed to get her stuff in her room and go to the hotel restaurant to order lunch. Richard and I had no difficulty in crossing the street which was a bummer. The challenge is always nice. Arrived at the hall around 8:35 and class began at 9. Actually, it started about 10 minutes early which may be a first. I left shortly thereafter to take Lori some more seminar books. Oh, there was a sister who I had taught 5 years ago on a campaign but her answer at that time was a strong no. However, the brethren continued to teach and reach out to her and today she is a strong sister. After I got back the men were in groups. Their initial assignment was to read Philemon 5 times to get the ‘flavor’ of the book. You can see them diligently reading below. The class went well although the electricity went out at 10:15 and did not come on for the balance of his class. When it was over, he was drenched in sweat. We then caught machines and I want to draw your attention to the one on the right below. You may see the red sign with a white dash and think: that means do not enter. That is because it means do not enter. However, as Jean Claude likes to say, to a bike rider red is green! I actually took two pictures of me on the sidewalk on a machine but they were blurry so I will hope for another day. Lori was in her room so we went down at 12:30 for lunch. We all had buzzgetti and it was really nice. I do not know why my spell checker does not recognize buzzgetti. Evidently it has never eaten at Olive Garden. Came back to the room and prepared for my class. When we arrived, the electricity had been restored. The class went well and the participation is excellent. I was talking to Richard today and we believe that both the French and English are comparable this year. Some years one will rise above the other.

Below are some excerpts from the evaluation sheets.

  1. I pray that God will fill your cup with blessings.
  2. This was my first time and I thank the Lord for your wisdom and teaching. I hope to return every year.
  3. This seminar has helped me to learn to make relationships with people. I can then evangelize and bring them to Christ. Thank you for your teaching.
  4. The seminar has been too good and edifying to us.
  5. Brother Richard, you are a blessing to me personally and to the entire church.
  6. The seminar has increased my understanding of how to be a better leader.
  7. Sister Lori was excellent! She helped me grow in my Christian life.
  8. The seminar was so encouraging to me.
  9. Lori’s presentation was timely and a blessing. It has helped me so much.
  10. I thank God for His goodness manifested by sending Sister Lori. She taught me how to be a better wife and to talk with others about Jesus.


Tonight, I did my usual stuff and then had a nice supper. Coke Zero (my first of the day, Linda), Plantain Chips (very tasty), cheese, Pringles and a mystery desert. As you can see, I continue to eat a balanced diet. I was able to Skype with Linda a few minutes ago and she is still stunningly beautiful. She slept better last night and is feeling a bit better today. Alex is at the house with Charlie Brown and Alex, her dad (our son Michael) and grandma/mom are going to the movies tonight. Typically, Tuesday night is date night for mom and son but Alex wanted to see this picture. Please continue to keep her in prayer. We are all doing well and continue to give you thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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