Monday, February 17, 2020 8:20pm-1:20pm CST

Dear All:

The first day of the English seminar started off with a bang and I mean, a big one. Richard’s class had 76 compared with 37 last year. Lori had 54 compared with 22. I had 134 compared with 62 in 2019. Things have been so hectic that I have not had a chance to talk with Jean Claude and get his assessment of why the numbers are so high. In fact, he is printing more seminar booklets right now and they are supposed to be ready in the morning. Here is how the day went: got up at 6:30 and went down to Richard and Lori’s room at 8:15. When we got to her room there were already 40 ladies ready to start. Richard and I then had a marvelous experience. I am so sad that I did not have my phone handy to snap a photo. Not only was the traffic heavy but when we were on the median to get to the other side machines were coming at us in great number. I finally realized that the only way to make it was to step out on faith and the Lord took care of us. My sister-in-law Ellen would have relished the experience! Once on the other side it was not hard to get a machine. When we arrived so many brethren were already there. I had to go back to the hotel to take Lori more ‘ropes’ for the name tags. I did go in my room but only had a drink of water and not even one Milky Way or Mars Bar. I then hoofed it back to the hall and caught most of Richard’s class. Today was lecture but tomorrow they divide into groups and break down the book of Philemon. The numbers will make it challenging. He said he was 1 hour ahead of last week so things are looking well. Oh, a brother named Glenn translated for Richard and always does a GREAT job. I will get a picture of him and Richard and post it one day. He is translating into Pidgeon which is an interesting language. For example; Richard said there are no short cuts and the translation is: short cuts not be there. Lori’s class also went well and then we had lunch in my room. I was not a good picture taker today and only got a couple. The top one below is not of today’s lunch but it gives you an idea of how we eat. Everything in the picture goes on one plate and as long as you stir well and never heat it; the taste rivals airplane and hospital food. Anyone who has even eaten on a plane or in a hospital is probably licking their lips right now. I then went over my lesson for the afternoon and off we went. Lori is robbing us of the pleasure of riding a machine back to the hall but I want to keep her happy. We were able to get a taxi fairly easily and got there in plenty of time. I actually started ahead of schedule and the class went well. A brother named Terrance is translating for me and he also does very well. It was really hot today and I don’t know if it was because the temperature was hotter or the number in the hall. You can see a picture of everyone below. Soon after I sat down the electricity went off. We are so thankful that it did not go off during my class. Jean Claude carried us home. When we exited the lifter, Lori mentioned how good the shower would feel. In a strange twist; Richard said his shower was calling his name. I wonder if the shower and my A/C are related? She was sure right and after my shower Jean Claude called about the extra books. I then did a bunch of miscellaneous things. Today is President’s Day so Charlie Brown was out of school and his mom stayed home with him. I am going to have to have a talk with her about keeping that kid from seeing me. I Skyped with Linda and she slept a bit better last night but still doesn’t feel all that good. Please give her a call if you can or give her a visit. If you offer to take her to lunch, she will pay! We are doing well and look forward to our time tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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