Friday, February 14, 20230pm-9:30pm-2:30pm

Dear All:

Well; ½ of the seminar is finished. It seems like only yesterday we were greeting the French brethren. I know the English section will fly by as well.

Richard’s class had 48 compared with 51 last year. Lori had 39 today compared with 35 last year. My class had 80 today compared to 86 last year. The average last year for the Men’s French class was 38, the average for the Women’s class last year was 35 and the average for my class last year was 71. I don’t know what the odds are but the averages were exactly the same for all classes! As I state each year; numbers alone do not tell the story but they are a barometer. The success of the campaign will be measured by what the leaders learn and put into practice. Also, how do they help their brethren incorporate some of the things they have learned in their daily lives. Richard and I were discussing the other day that you simply cannot force brethren to surrender their lives. Some are dedicated while others can hear the Word, look at good examples and still be lethargic in their Christian lives.

The morning was as every other morning. Oh, Lori slept very well last night which was good news. When I Skyped with Linda last night she had not slept well and was not feeling well. She appears to be living on The Giant which is a roller coaster at 6 Flags. We walked Lori down to her room at 8:15 and climbed our machines. Not much traffic in the direction we were going. It was fun to cross the road on foot. You look both ways regardless of which side you are on because you never know when a machine will be headed the wrong way. Actually, there is no wrong way for a machine. Visited with some brethren and then class began. At the first break I went to the hotel and one of my missions was to get a photo of Lori’s class. You see the sisters below. They LOVE Lori’s teaching!

I think I am going to write a book. The title will be: The Cry of the A/C. Not sure how good the material will be but it has a catchy title. You see; I had to come back to the hotel to collect the sister’s evaluation forms and I heard that “voice” again. I must confess that I like the sound. I was compelled to eat another Milky Way. Headed back to the hall and was able to listen to the end of Richard’s class. Today was a joyous day because we were able to eat in my room. As good as the hotel food is (and it is excellent), there is no comparison to my splendid recipes. Terry Harlow was a dear friend of mine and great Christian brother. He made 5 trips with me but even a nice guy can say something bad every now and then. He had the gall to tell people that if they looked at my plate of food; they would ‘toss their cookies’ or words to that effect I think he was just jealous! I then went over my lesson for the afternoon and we hailed a taxi and got to the hall in time. This taxi had A/C!!!! We made terrific time as the driver took a back road. The brethren seemed to be pleased with my class and there was good interaction. I cannot convey the emotions of being with our brethren and saying goodbye. I told them at the end of my class that, Lord willing, they will see me again but even if they do not: THEY WILL SEE ME. I had trouble getting the words out as I love this nation and its people so much. At the end the French brethren always give us a gift and you can see the three of us below. They also gave me a gift for Linda to convey that they know she is making a great sacrifice. They said to me: if Linda would not let you come, you would never see Cameroon and that is true. I miss her so much but I am grateful beyond words for her dedication to the Lord and her part in this ministry. I asked one of the women if I could sell Linda’s gift and I don’t think she knew I was kidding. She very forcefully said NO! Louis handed out Bible School curriculum books to many churches after the service. Oh, the power just went off but the hotel has a generator and within 10 seconds everything was working. We said our goodbyes and got a lot of great pictures. I will share a few with you in the coming days. We feel like celebrities as so many people ask us to pose for a picture. Jean Claude brought us back to the hotel and I took my shower. It was not as hot today as yesterday but that cold water really feels good. I then started to do a number of miscellaneous things such as taking inventory of stuff for next week. Tomorrow we will buy a few things but it should be a relaxing day. During this week Louis has translated for Richard and Jean Claude for me. They are EXCELLENT translators and even better Christians. I was able to Skype with Linda and she is still not feeling well. She spoke with her doctor this morning and was advised to quick taking the medicine for her stomach. Hopefully something as simple as that can help. Please continue to keep her in prayer. Her sister Ellen “handed her off” to Alex, our granddaughter who will babysit her marvelous grandmother over the weekend.

We are all doing well and looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I am not going to set my alarm. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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