Thursday, February 13, 2020 9:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

All days are GREAT in Cameroon. It is a blessing to be involved in this ministry. Richard had 46 in his class compared with 39 last year; Lori had 34 compared with 33 last year and I had 69 compared with 75.

The day began as all days. I will not bore you with the tedious nature of the morning. We went down at 8 to order our lunch. Then made sure Lori was settled in and Richard and I climbed machines. That is the only way to travel in Douala if you want to make good time. We arrived by 8:30; when my driver started, I think he tried to pop a wheelie. If I could speak French, I would have told him to do that on his own time! We pass a petroleum place where tankers load up and there were 30 trucks. I nearly had a heart attack this morning as Louis was 10 minutes early. I told him that he might need to call Linda to tell her I had passed. Today the men are working on breaking down a chapter of a book and they were using Ephesians 1. Richard is such a good teacher and what he is sharing with the brothers will be of immense help to them and their congregations. I came back to the hotel around 10 to pass out the evaluation sheets to the sisters. I also had someone come up to take drink orders. I always get the sisters a drink on Thursday and we give them candy each day. Yesterday when Richard and I returned to the hotel at lunchtime the sisters were walking out. Mary (Jean Claude’s wife) greeted Richard with a handshake and he mentioned to her that her hands were cold. She gave a mischievous response and said: we have A/C and laughed. I think that Jean Claude should discipline her for such an attitude. (I cannot do smiley faces or I would at this point. Just imagine one.) I never cease to be amazed at the fact that my A/C calls my name. I had, and the operative word is HAD, to go to my room and drink half a cold Coke Zero and force myself to eat a Milky Way. It was hard but fortunately I am a very disciplined person. Let me add this and I realize it is not the first time I have done this over the years. I am acutely aware of my creative limitations and my great ability to say the same things over and over. Instead of apologizing I will simply use my old age as an excuse. The reason I said that is I am convinced I will never get over the efficient way that the machine drivers move about. We were able to climb on the sidewalk and go around much traffic. When I am in the States and in a traffic jam, I am sorry that we do not drive as they do. I went back to the hall for the culmination of Richard’s class and we then came back to the hotel. We had a nice lunch in the dining room and a good rest. Lori went to take a nap as she did not get much rest last night. She does get a lot of rest in my class as she sleeps most of the time. She is like my beloved wife; whenever she has trouble sleeping, she gets a copy of one of Richard Blaisdell’s (our preacher) sermons and she is out like a light in 2 minutes. Don’t tell Richard I said that because it might hurt his feelings. Let me explain the picture on the left below; I have been meaning to post it. On Monday during my introduction I commented on Linda’s health. Jean Claude immediately went to the board and wrote what you see. Maladie is sickness in French and mal de dos is back pain. Someone may need to explain to Teresa Blaisdell that Operation is operation in French! BTW: a finer person you will never meet than Teresa! I cannot say enough positive things about this FANTASTIC sister! You can see that Jean Claude put the date for her surgery. Linda has made 2 trips to Cameroon and made a lasting impression. She is the sweetest person in the history of persons and a GREAT Christian. I am truly blessed to have such a sacrificial wife. I went over my lesson for the afternoon and it was back to the hall. We were on time today and at the first break we had a picture made of the group. We will make a copy for each participant and they really like that. The picture on the right below is one that a brother took with my camera. Actually, it is a phone but it doubles well. I was pleased with my class and then met with 2 brothers that represent 2 of the congregations we will work with in June. We will meet some more of them next week. Oh, I sweat more today than any day thus far. Richard even mentioned that I my shirt was soaked. Jean Claude gave us a lift back and the traffic was terrible. Once we got close, we just hopped out and walked the rest of the way. I am soooooooooo grateful for a nice shower at the end of the day. I have been furiously getting stuff done since tomorrow is the last day of the French section. I was bummed out yesterday as I did not get to see Charlie Brown. He had a doctor and dentist appointment so Grandma did not pick him up. Hopefully I can see him today. Linda seems to be doing well but I still solicit your prayers for her. Your calls and visits are truly appreciated. We are well and look forward to our last day. Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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