Wednesday, February 12, 2020 8:25pm-1:25pm CST

Dear All:

Etc, etc, etc! The day saw 44 men as opposed to 35 last year on this day. The women were 34 which is precisely the same and my class was 66 compared with 67 last year. While I am thinking about it; I realize that I have posted the ‘phone picture’ below on many occasions but I still get tickled at it and think that my congregation should have such a sign.

Here is the day: got up at 6:30 with nothing exceptional to report. I did sleep well again and that is a great blessing. Went down to Richard and Lori’s room at 8:15, walked her to her room and then Richard and I climbed our machines. Another thing which I keep forgetting; I have mentioned that Lori comes down from time to time to get on my computer and Louise does the same thing when she is here. Something they both have in common is that they enter my room wearing a sweater. They are in Africa and wearing sweaters. They say I keep my room too cold but I am not sure that that is possible. I must confess that if Linda was here, she would have multiple sweaters and one or two heavy coats on! Richard’s class went well. They are breaking down the book of Philemon. Topical sermons are typical and while they have their place; if you want to help the brethren learn the Scriptures you must preach expository or textual sermons. Richard’s class is challenging but the men are doing a good job. Before we begin in the morning and afternoons, we have some uplifting singing. It is truly a blessing. After his class we climbed back on and came back to the hotel. Ate in my room today and it was scrumptious!!!!!! I went over my lesson for the afternoon and we left at 2:30. The traffic was back to normal which means it was HEAVY. We were 15 minutes late to class. Of course, since I am the teacher, they could not start without me! The class went well (what else can I say). The listening and participation is really good. The picture below right is of the brethren from the North. They are such a blessing and Lord willing; I will return there in October. When I got back to the hotel I jumped on my computer and then went down and visited with Richard and Lori. They are such HUGE blessings to the Kingdom. I will call Linda in about an hour to Skype with her and Charlie Brown. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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