Monday, February 10, 2020 7:30pm-12:30pm CST

Dear All:

Better than Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see; with Christmas you have the anticipation and then it comes and within an hour or so all of the presents are opened and it is on to the New Year. With the seminar, it is 5 days with our French brethren followed by another 5 days with the English! Instead of one day it is 10. Now, don’t talk about this to any grandkids as I don’t want to give them any ideas. I have been trying to cancel Christmas altogether for some years but grandma puts her foot down. Not a particularly large foot but a very powerful one! The attendance for the men in the morning was 34 (last year the men were 32); women 25 (last year the women were 40) and afternoon class was 59 (last year it was 68). Here is how the day went:

Got up at 6:30 and did miscellaneous stuff. Richard and I went with Lori to her room where her class was held. It was all set up with nice chairs and they have A/C. We have fans. At about 8:20 Richard and I climbed machines to go to the hall. It is only 10 minutes away and today and tomorrow are holidays so the traffic was light. Yesterday was election day and tomorrow is Youth Day and they said that today is a bridge. It was so good to see so many brethren that I have not seen in either 8 months (the North brethren) or a year (the rest). We got started on time and Richard did his usual masterful job. Louis Bassay interpreted for him and Louis always does a superb job. Around 9:50 I climbed a machine to go to the hotel to make sure the girls did not need more books. They did not and as I was leaving the strangest thing happened; the A/C in my room called out my name. I don’t know what the twilight zone is like but I may have entered it. Well, I figgered I had better answer the call so I did. I felt bad knowing my brothers were sweating in the hall. Ok, I felt kind of bad. Well, confession is good for the soul so I thought to myself; those poor slobs are having to sweat while I have comfort. I also grabbed a Milky Way while I was there. Linda will be proud of me; I only drank water and not a Coke Zero! Made it back for the majority of Richard’s class. We then hopped machines to come back to the hotel. It is nice being able to change into a T-shirt and shorts and relax. Richard and Lori came down and we had a feast. Now, what you have all been waiting for. Here will be my one recipe of the trip. Major restaurants have included my recipes on their menus. You take the following: Hormel Microwavable Meatloaf and potatoes (do not microwave it), tuna, corn, cheese and crumbled up Pringles (any flavor). Lori had some chicken salad she had made so I added that to the mix. Remember you do not heat but simply stir it around. Talk about deeeeeeeeeeelicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that I sweat for the first time on the trip. Really sweat bad in my class. Any way; after lunch Lori went to take a nap and Richard and I visited for 30 minutes. He then left and I went over my class for the afternoon. Someone was supposed to pick us but they did not show up and I called Jean Claude and he said to just get a taxi. Against my better judgement we took a taxi instead of 3 machines. Ugh! I felt that my class went well and then we headed back. Oh, I was a poor picture taker today and only got the one below. Hermann (on the left) is a member at Jean Claude’s congregation and helped with the translation of our manuscripts into French. Rodrique is the preacher in Yokaduma. Jean Claude brought us back to the hotel and I took a nice shower. I will snack later and Lori is going to come down to do some emailing. I plan to Skype with Linda around 10:45 my time and then hit the sack. It has been a good day and we are doing well. Thanks for your continued prayers. I also continue to ask those of you who can call Linda to do so and if you can visit, that would be great. Your prayers for her are a blessing.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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