Sunday, February 9, 2020 8:10pm-1:10pm CST

Dear All:

A great day to worship the Lord with my Cameroonian brethren. I spoke at Logpom which is a 4 years old congregation. Two years ago, they had about 20 and today the attendance was 47. They are a very evangelistic congregation with set goals regarding those they are trying to reach. You can see the congregation below. Not a lot of breathing space. They had a fan which provided some needed air. I taught the Bible class on the need to 1) surrender our lives to the Lord and 2) understanding that all will not respond. My sermon dealt with the power of the blood of Christ versus the power of sin. The singing was excellent and one of the songs had this phrase: I live in your hand o Lord. Words cannot describe the great emotion of singing this song with our brethren. This congregation has a mixture of French and English speakers. My translator’s name was Nicanor and you can see him below. I have known him since he was a kid. He is now 30 years of age and did a great job. He thought I looked like I was 60 which means he would think that Teresa Blaisdell was only 80! A brother in Christ took me back to the hotel in his car. Lori was already here but Richard came about 30 minutes later. I took a quick shower which was so nice after the hot morning. We then ate in my room and had some delicious food. I have decided to wait until tomorrow to give you my one recipe for the trip. I know that many of you will be waiting with baited breath. BTW: you might take a mint for that!

I spoke with Linda and found out that she went to the ER last night. Our son and daughter-in-law carried her. I hope they didn’t hurt their backs! At any rate; her stomach has been troubling her and they said she has Gastritis which is what our primary doctor said on Thursday. She was also dehydrated so they pumped her full of liquid. When she answered the phone, I could tell she sounded better. I am glad she went as the medicine she is now taking should help her feel better soon.

During the afternoon I did a whole bunch of miscellaneous things to prepare for tomorrow. I then went down to Richard and Lori’s room and we had a good discussion. Then we spent time in prayer for the seminar. Jean Claude came around 7:50 to collect materials that will be used all week. He is such a hard worker and we could not pull this seminar off without his great assistance.

Let me offer a few prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for Richard, Lori and myself. Pray that we will teach not only the truth but in a Christ like way. We want the brethren to leave the seminar stronger than when they came.
  2. Please pray for each participant. Our prayer is that they will be serious in their study of His Word.
  3. Please pray for their congregations. The goal of the seminar is not to simply teach the leaders but that upon their return; they will share what they have learned. More importantly that they will model Jesus for the brethren.
  4. Please continue to lift Linda in prayer.

During the evening I was able to relax. Watched a Rockford File and had a great supper of Pringles, cheese, crackers, cashews and water. I am only drinking one Coke Light per day. Since my Bladder surgery 3 months ago I was told to drink much more water and I have been a good boy. Oh, I also had a Mars Bar and a Milky Way but they were miniatures. I am intent on keeping my youthful shape!

We are truly excited about tomorrow. I will get to see brethren that I have not seen since last February. I am grateful to each of you for your part in this journey. For those who gave funds, for those who are taking care of Linda and for all who are praying.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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