Thursday, February 6, 2020 11:55pm – 4:55pm CST

Dear All:

My heart is heavy as I write. I just called Linda and she is not feeling well at all. She is going to try and see if she can make an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow. With her leg pain and upcoming surgery, all she needs is something like this. I know you are praying for her and I ask that your prayers continue. Also, if you could call or visit her (she is not contagious) I know it would lift her spirits.

Here is the day as it unfolded: Was able to sleep in until 10:30! Yea! Got up and did some work on the computer. Jean Claude ran some errands for me. This is a GREAT brother who is such a blessing to me and more than that; the Kingdom. Richard, Lori and I had lunch in the hotel restaurant. Very good and best of all; I had GREAT company! Richard and Lori are such a great blessing to me and the work in Cameroon. Certainly, their influence goes far beyond this country. Jean Claude then took us to the Post Office to get Post Cards and then to two stores for food that will take care of us until next weekend. We then came back and I started to do various miscellaneous things. Richard and Lori came down and we discussed some aspects of the work here and the Crisis on the English side. There is no way that I can understand the suffering our brethren are enduring. So many have lost their homes and not a few have lost their lives. It is having a glaring effect on the church on that side. Jean Claude said that the only silver lining is that it is helping the church on the French side as people are fleeing and beginning to work and worship with many French churches. Then Louis and Linda came (they are pictured below). This is a GREAT Christian couple that is having a marvelous impact on the Lord’s work in Cameroon. We discussed both the October campaign and the work that they are spearheading regarding the curriculum for children. Two things in particular; there is the need to print books that have already been written as there are more congregations than there were even 5 years ago. We will assist in the funding of these books. Also, we are beginning in earnest on Noble Age 5 which is intended for teens. It will be a comprehensive set of lessons that begin by laying a Bible foundation from the OT and then helping the children understand the high cost of following Christ. Far too many in the States have never come to that understanding and are content to ‘play church’. It is sad because that is a game they will not win. Yes, we will talk about the plan of salvation but following Christ goes far beyond getting wet. I tell people all of the time that baptism is the maternity ward, not the funeral parlor. After they left, I got back on the computer and then did some stuff I do every night. Take a shower, put eye drops in and take medicine. Part of the routine of getting older. I then called Linda which led to the early words in this missive. I have been able to enjoy a Mars bar, some candy peanuts, crackers and ½ of a Coke Zero. That is what I call a balanced diet! If you don’t think so; you can go ‘suck an egg’. That is a favorite saying of my lovely wife! A few more things to do and I will hit the sack. Thanks for your continued prayers for us and especially for Linda. Once again; if you can make contact with her, I would appreciate it.

Oh, one final thing and I can’t believe I failed to include it: Jean Claude was able to find a cord for me and my “tray” says: Fully Charged!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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