Tuesday, February 4, 2020 9:55am-9:55am CST

Dear All:

For those of you who have been receiving these ‘howdys’ for some time, you know that a good portion of it is fluff. If you can make it through that stuff, you may find a trinket or two worth reading. Once I get to Cameroon, I will be filling you in each day on what is taking place. While I am thinking about it: please pray for Charles Bishop. He is the preacher and one of the shepherds at my home congregation in Wichita, KS. He is having back surgery tomorrow and I would ask you to pray that the Lord will intervene to produce a successful operation.

I got up this morning a little before 6. I was packed from last night so just checked email and did final touches. My son-in-law Dean picked me up at 8am. At about 7:45 Linda’s sister Ellen came and she will be staying with her during the week. Our granddaughter Alex (and she is GRAND) will take over on Fridays and Saturdays. Linda’s back surgery is scheduled for March 9. She is dealing with leg pain on a regular basis so please keep her in prayer. Back to Dean; we had no trouble getting to DFW. The Bush turnpike had a lot of traffic but that was all. When he dumped me, I went immediately in and got checked in with no problems. I am at the gate as I write and will write more in Atlanta (next stop) and in Paris where I will meet up with Richard and Lori Sutton.

I will be posting pictures of Cameroon once I get there. The picture below is of our oldest son, Robin, who turned 47 2 days ago. The kid in the picture is our oldest grandchild and he is 18. Obviously, this is not a current photo. The beautiful woman in the middle is our sweet daughter-in-law, Meleah. I am going to go ahead and post this and the stuff I will write later will be sent tomorrow once we land in Douala and get to the hotel.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Linda, this journey, those traveling to the seminar and the seminar itself.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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