Wednesday, May 29, 2019 5:10pm-11:10am CST

Dear All:

I will see TMBWITW in about 184,000 seconds. I don’t really pay much attention to this sort of thing but thought you would be interested.

Another day to sleep in and added 30 minutes and woke up at 7. I guess if I were to stay 4 more days, I could make it to 9! The sleep was restful and I did routine stuff and then got on the computer for several hours. I have been able to ‘fine-tune’ a bunch of stuff in the last two days.

Jean Claude came over and we visited about the October campaign and some other things. We then went to lunch and had a great time. Jean Claude prayed for the food and in the prayer, he mentioned what a great blessing Linda is to the Kingdom. Amen!!! Without her sacrifice, this ministry would not exist. The Lord has truly blessed me with such a GREAT wife! He also asked the Lord to fly with me and I know He will. It was raining and you can see the picture on the left below. Some of the machines have those large umbrellas to keep the passenger dry. The others simply get a free shower although the drivers do not give them any soap! You can see the picture of Jean Claude and myself. He is such a great example of what a Christian is to be. I am totally packed and ready to head home. I called Linda and Bapp took her to the ENT and she got a good report.

I will leave for the airport in about an hour with a departure time of 11:25. I will overnight in Paris which I have been doing for some time as it allows me to get a good night’s rest rather than being up for 44 hours or so. I will begin my Final Howdy tonight and post it on Saturday morning. It could be Friday afternoon because this is going to be a straight shot from Paris to Dallas so I will arrive at 1:55pm instead of the usual 7pm. Royce and Nancy Calhoun are going to bring Charlie Brown and Grandma to the airport. They are great friends and hard workers in the Kingdom. Linda is allergic to driving at DFW and that is why she is not coming alone. During my Final Howdy I will do as I always do; summarize the trip and give you my assessment of how the church is doing in Cameroon. Thanks for all of your prayers and I know that you will be praying for my journey home.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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