Sunday, May 26, 2019 8:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

Trip #86 is finished with the exception of a great deal of traveling.

Finished with a blessed day. Had 5 Bible studies and 2 baptisms. The Lord led us to teach 47, baptize 11 and witness the rededication of 3. We are grateful for the way He was at work. We are also grateful for your prayers during this time.

Here is the day: got up at 6:30 after a good night’s rest. Around 7:30 the lights went out and were out until we left. Jean Claude and I hopped two machines which was delightful. This is the first time on this journey that I have been able to ride a machine. We arrived around 8:50 and some dear brethren were there to greet us. I taught both the Bible class and sermon. Paul led the singing and both he and Jean Claude are excellent song leaders. We then began teaching prospects after the morning worship and two of them gave their lives to the Lord. Their names are Ngandeu and Raissa. I taught Raissa and Ngandeu was listening the entire time that Jean Claude was teaching another prospect. After some interaction it became clear that she both wanted to become a child of God and was ready. I taught another couple but they appear to be locked into their denomination. They agreed that everything we said was from the Bible but unwilling to yield. We then went to the baptisms and back to the hotel. It rained sooooooooooo hard once we got back to the hotel! Our laundry had evidently been on the line during the rain because it came back to us soaked. We hung it up and pray that it will dry before tomorrow. If not, it will dry in Douala or perhaps in America one day! Oh, I forgot to mention lupper or is it linner? At any rate you only get one question as to what I had. Jean Claude, on the other hand, had liver so I am beginning to question his sanity! Then Paul came over with his family and several other children and we had a nice visit. I showed them the pictures from this trip and they seemed to be interested. I also showed them a bunch of pictures of Charlie Brown and they liked them. I then did some writing and watched an episode of The Rockford Files. I just Skyped with Linda and she is doing better. Thanks for your prayers for her.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. It is always good to see those who have been converted on previous trips. Lucy and Sandra were two her were baptized this past October and they are growing in their faith.
  2. Jean Claude told me that the brethren on the English side are saying they are in tears because we cannot come and work with them. Those tears are a two-way street. It is my daily prayer that this Crisis can come to a peaceful conclusion.
  3. I had so many good pictures taken today that it was hard to choose which ones to post. I chose the two below for the following reasons: 1) on the left is a picture of Jean Claude’s daughter Linda. When my Linda came to Cameroon for the first time Catherine (Jean Claude’s late wife) was pregnant with her and she is Linda’s namesake. She turns 18 on July 3 whereas our oldest grandson will turn 18 on July 19. 2) the second picture is of Paul, Virgil and Jean Claude. Paul and Jean Claude are brothers and Virgil is Paul and Rose’s oldest child. He is named after Virgil Butler who made at least 10 trips to Cameroon with me.

We are looking forward to the journey tomorrow. Scheduled to leave at 7 as we are looking at an 11-hour ride. Once again, thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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    What is buzzghetti?

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