Tuesday, May 21, 2019 9:15pm-3:15pm CST

Dear All:

    The North is truly different from much of Cameroon. I always need an interpreter but Jean Claude has been extra useful in navigating some of the things which prospects have said. It is not always as simple as translating from French to English. Today with most of the prospects we were using 2 interpreters once again. We were blessed with 7 Bible studies and 4 souls!

    Here is how the day unfolded: Got up at 7:45 with a departure time of 9:15. We were about 15 minutes late because Jean Claude’s computer has been messing up and he took it to a technician. Turned out that a serious virus had attacked it. While I was waiting to leave Larisa (doubt if that is the correct spelling) cleaned my room. All of the employees here have been so nice. We arrived at the church hall at 9:45 and the church was singing. They had planned to have their worship in the morning and then have prospects. You can see the assembly below. The first two prospects were quite different. One was a student named Rewa and we discovered later that his parents had told him they would stop his school fees if he was baptized. That pretty much ended any hope of him obeying the gospel. Yes, following Jesus is far more important than a secular education but tell that to a teen in Cameroon. The parent is all-powerful. We did teach a man named Matai and he is on the far left below. We then had two prospects that were not fruitful but then we had 4 and 3 of them surrendered their lives. From left to right after Matai is Ernest, Emmanuel and Jousephine. This campaign has followed all others in this respect; the ‘pre-campaign’ work that the local churches do determines the amount of fruit. Overall, the prospects today were excellent. Jean Claude had left his computer with a technician and now it is working. We ordered supper and had another delicious meal. The buzzgetti is so good I am having it for each meal! Got to work on the computer regarding email.

I must say something about Linda and she would kill me if I were there. Since, however, I am an ocean away I am safe and hoping that she forgets by the time I get home. I love her dearly and have been concerned about her health for over 18 months. The problems she has had are not life threatening but that does not change the fact that she has good days and bad days. Here is why I am writing; she does not do a good job of reaching out to people for help. I am not saying that she needs so much but a visit (if you live in the area) or a phone call would truly boost her spirits. I know you are praying for her and I am grateful. If you have the opportunity; could you please reach out to her. When you do; tell her to forgive her loving husband! She is such a GREAT example of what a sacrificial Christian looks like. Many wives would not tolerate my schedule but she knows her sacrifice is leading to the salvation of others.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Our son Robin Skyped me on Sunday night and he wanted me to guess who he had seen that day. Actually, he said I would not be able to guess. A couple from Buckingham Road named Jeff and Reta Faris were in the area having visited family. They simply walked in without knowing Robin worshipped there. If they had known, they probably would have gone someplace else!
  2. Campaigns have many serendipitous blessings. Hey, I spelt serendipitous the first time correctly! At any rate; plenty brethren listen as we teach so they are both learning and hearing some other ways to share the gospel.
  3. In teaching the Word of God there is a vast difference between differences of opinion with prospects versus when we discuss who is the best ball team or who is the best politician (is there such a thing as a best politician)? With the Scriptures, however, we are listening to God and we know He is always correct. In our teaching we do not throw out what we believe but what God says.
  4. I have not had any pictures of baptisms because we have been too busy teaching. While the brethren take the prospect to the water, we are instructing someone else. I always enjoy seeing one born again but we have come to teach.

I was going to wait to send this after I Skyped with Charlie Brown and Grandma but I am having trouble keeping connected to the internet and will try to send this now. If you do not receive it, please let me know! We are doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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