Wednesday, May 15, 2019 9:15pm-3:15pm CST

Dear All:

I will confess that the first day or two that I am in Cameroon; I do a lousy job of taking pictures. Actually, I generally forget to take any so you are stuck with another great picture of our granddaughter, Alex. I think this was her 12th birthday or something like that. The icing looks delicious!

OK; here is what happened today. I had slept a grand total of perhaps 3 hours over the past two days so got a good night’s rest last night. I have always been blessed in the following way: from my very first trip to Ghana in 1988 as soon as my head hits the pillow; I am out like a light. I have had many travel with me and their ‘biological clock’ took as much as a week to reset! Got up at 9 and that will be the last time for me to sleep in for quite a while. Got up and checked email and the internet and did a few other mundane things. Jean Claude came at 10:30 and we also did some miscellaneous stuff. Went to the Post Office, grocery store, bus station and restaurant. He went home and came back around 6:00 at which time we hoped my luggage had arrived. Note #4 below!!! I did as much packing as I could until my box (suitcase) arrived. Jean Claude had a brother in Yaounde get our train tickets for tomorrow. Train leaves around 6pm and will arrive the next morning around 10am. We are taking a “Sleep Wagon” which is called a Pullman in the States. There is a fairly decent reason why it is called a Pullman and that is because George Mortimer Pullman invented it. You invent something like that and you can attach your name! Then we will hop a bus for another 5 hours or so. It took two days to get from America to Cameroon and it will take another 2 days to get from Douala to Garoua. Ain’t traveling great! BTW: the distance from Dallas to Douala is 8,065 miles and the distance between Douala and Garoua is 754 miles. It helps a bunch when you are traveling at 550 miles per hour! After we arrive, we will spend 4 days working with 7 congregations. Working with dedicated brethren and teaching the lost makes all of the travel worth it! I will Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma soon. If you are not a grandparent you may wonder why I give Charlie Brown ‘top billing’ but if you are a grandparent, you may wonder why I even mention Linda! BTW: don’t tell her I said this!!!

Miscellaneous stuff:

  1. Jean Claude and Mary’s daughter Linda is living with his brother and sister-in-law in Bertoua. I will get to see her, Lord willing, one week from this Sunday. Jean Claude’s brother is named Paul. I asked Jean Claude and Mary if he would discipline Linda if she needed it and their reply was: Paul does not joke. Translated into American it would go something like this; you mess with Paul and he will take you down!
  2. I have noticed over the course of my life that Linda’s get in a lot of trouble! It is usually warranted as well. Once again; this Howdy is just between you and me!
  3. When we went to the grocery store the cash registers were down so we waited for about 30 minutes with a bunch of other people but everything worked out well.
  4. Yea; my bag arrived! I was wrong about 6 Flags Over Georgia as it decided to vacation at Disney World! Jean Claude and I drove out to the airport at about 6 and I went straight in and they let me go to the baggage area and there is was! Yea, again!
  5. To the “veterans” of the Howdys; you are well aware of the special recipes I give during the trips. For you rookies; you will have to wait until February as that is when I do my best “cooking”. Tonight, I did have a nice supper of Tuna, Kracks (local brand of Pringles), Cheese, a Coke Zero and desert of a Toblerone bar! Yes, it is a rough life being a missionary.
  6. To piggy-back on the previous line I must ask for a special prayer. You see, my A/C is working so well that I am coming down with frost bite!

We are ready for tomorrow and eager to get to Garoua. We are doing well and ask that you continue to pray for us. We know you are and will!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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