Monday, May 13, 2019 2:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

I must begin by asking you to pray for Linda. I just Skyped with her and she is not feeling well at all. She has been to numerous doctors recently and they cannot find out why she is so lacking in energy. She does have an ear infection (no pain, thankfully) and we don’t know what impact that is having on her. For those of you who live in the area; if you could give her a call or stop by and see her; I would appreciate it. I will get you up to date with the day thus far. Got up at 6am and had everything pretty much done from yesterday. Bapp picked me at 7:30 and we went to the bank and then to 635. There had been a wreck so even the HOV lane went slow for awhile but I always leave plenty early so we were at the airport by 9 or so with a 10:55 departure. Checked in with no problems and made it to the gate in time to do some reading. Flight left on time and actually arrived 10 minutes early. Took train to the F terminal where I am now. I am scheduled to take off in about 1 ½ hours. Flight is about 8 hours to Paris with a nearly 4-hour layover there. Scheduled to arrive in Douala at 4:30pm their time tomorrow. I am going to do some reading between now and take-off.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 7:30am CST

I kept my computer stowed during the flight from Atlanta to Paris so will try to get you caught up on what has transpired. I must begin with the most exciting part of the trip up till now; I was able to eat some GREAT airplane food and GREAT does not really describe it. Had some of the best pasta I have ever had! I would have thought that airlines would have their food in grocery stores. My only thought as to why they are not is that other food brands have something over the head of the grocery chain. They know that if people were able to eat airplane food every day they would. Flight took off on time and landed about 30 minutes early. I did some reading and then tried to sleep for the balance of the time. Oh, I did watch the original Mary Poppins. Probably got about 2-3 hours of sleep. Deplaned and went through security quickly and with no problems. Am at the gate and charging my “Cameroon” phone. It is still over 3 hours before we leave.

I am going to assume that most of you will know what I am fixin to write about but a few may not. There has been a true Crisis in Cameroon for over a year now. The seeds of the Crisis began years before but now you have the English side in a big problem. There are those on the English side who want to separate from the French and form their own country. The Army is doing battle with the secessionists and much harm is taking place. We have many displaced brethren who are truly living from day to day. Please ask the Lord to intervene in the hearts of those who can solve this problem. That is the reason why this trip is on the French side rather than the English. It is not safe to travel on the English side and the brethren have counseled me to stay on the French side. There is absolutely no danger where we will be on this journey.

10:30pm-4:30pm CST

Here is the balance of the journey; oh, made it safely! Boarded on time and both the flight from Atlanta to Paris and Paris-Douala were not only exit seats but there was a empty seat next to me which gives even more room. The flight actually arrived 30 minutes early and when I called Jean Claude he was still at his house. He was as surprised as I was that I was early. Oh; worked on a Bible class I will teach on Wednesday night when I get back; did some reading and watched an episode of The Rockford Files. I would like to get my shows where you could download them on an IPad or even my laptop but the ones I like are so old that they are not available. At least that is what I have been told. Lunch was MARVELOUS and then before we landed, we received a nice ice cream bar! I know you have noticed at stores like Target or Walmart that many of the ‘checker stations’ are not manned. Well, at Customs there are 8 positions and everyone had a person which is a first for me. Got my first bag quickly but later discovered that my second bag decided to vacation a day in Atlanta. Think it went to 6 Flags Over Georgia. The theory is that it will come tomorrow. Louise can relate to this as she had to wait a day for one of her bags in February. One difference that she will remember was that there were a bunch of people missing bags with her but there was only one guy besides me in the office. Got to the hotel with no problems and was able to settle in more quickly than usual. I am actually going to make it to bed by 11:30! Have already Skyped with Charlie Brown and Grandma. She is still not feeling well but is going to try and go to a movie with our son, Michael, tonight. Hopefully it will be a cheerful movie as they always have a good time. Please continue to keep her in prayer. A bunch of errands to run tomorrow and then we take off on a 2-day journey to the North. We will leave here around 8:30 on Thursday morning and arrive at our destination around 2 or so on Friday afternoon. We are excited about the work and thankful for your prayers

Regarding the photo below; it is of our 15-year-old grandson, Junior when he was two. If you think he had big feet at that age; you ought to see him now. Sometimes he will dress up as a clown and just uses his regular shoes!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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