Tuesday, February 19, 2019 6:40pm – 11:40am CST

Dear All:

I trust that the bulk of you have the same level of ‘instant recall’ that I do which means you can’t remember what you ate for lunch! For those of you with great memories I can only apologize for saying the same things over and over. Here is something I know I have said before; I actually I am not sure but it sounds like something I would say. Regardless of how many ‘extra days’ I stay in Cameroon; I am always at least one day short. Today was a great day but I still have stuff to do tomorrow. Here is what happened today:

I woke at 8 and could not get back to sleep so got up. After the routine stuff I hopped on the computer to check and respond to email. In the morning I went over my report and did some edits. I then looked at my PPT and also was in the editing business. My prayer is that when I am able to present this it will prove to be encouraging to all who see it. I also did some more packing and will finalize that job tomorrow. Jean Claude came and we went to look for some shirts. Didn’t find anything I liked so bought some fabric and one of the preachers, who is also a tailor, came over and measured me. I think his exact words were: you have such a slim body or something like that. I would have gone into detail about my diet but he might have had trouble keeping up with me. Jean Claude and I then went to lunch and had great food and marvelous fellowship. This brother is one of my closest friends in the world and a great example of how a Christian should live. I have been incredibly encouraged by his example over the years. I thank God that He brought us into fellowship. We went over the French evaluation forms with him translating them to me and I recorded many of them. Then Julien (the preacher and tailor) came over to take the measurements. After they left, I hopped in the shower. When I have been in A/C all day I do enjoy the hot water and the hotel has been a blessing. I then received a most wonderful phone call from Vincent Nsah. He wanted to know if he could come over and I was happy to see him. I did not know that I would get the privilege of seeing his beautiful wife, Patricia, but you can see them below. Vincent is another great brother whom I have known for over 20 years. We were young when we met but one of us has aged. We had a wonderful visit and I am blessed to be in the same family with them. While I am thinking about it: let me explain the other picture as it was taken at the end of the seminar on Friday. The sisters who attended each gave us a gift that was truly delightful. The picture below is of many with their phones snapping the two stooges and me. My how times have changed! You can see that it is early so I will do some ‘clean-up’ stuff and then relax. It is still over 4 hours before I can Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. Louise has already emailed that she made it home with no problems. It is about 9:40am where Don lives and while normally you would be up at that time; I don’t want to wake him in case he is sleeping in. I know that when I get home the first night; I do not set the alarm for the following day. I am doing well and continue to thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our suffering brethren on the English side.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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