Sunday, February 17, 2019 10:00pm – 3:00pm CST

Dear All:

Had a GREAT combined service of the 5 Douala congregations. The last time we did this we had 206 and today the number was 439 which included 135 children! Poor Louise was up on top of the building with those kids for 2+ hours. I messed up and failed to go up and snap them during the class. You can see one of the canopies below as there were 2 classes. You can see Louis and Don below; Don had the Bible class and Louis had the sermon. Both did a GREAT job and I was blessed to be able to simply worship with some of the finest Christians on the planet! You can see that Louis has a suit on and it was HOT! I was the hottest of any day but I think that is because we were at the hall for over 5 hours.

Let’s start at the beginning; got up at 7:30 as Martin was not going to pick us until 9. The service began at 9:30 which is 30 minutes later than usual but you had people coming from all over Douala so that gave them so more time. The brother who preached last Sunday (Lawrence) led the singing today. Not sure if he is better at one or the other as he did an EXCELLENT job at both! Over the years I have spoken of the singing but it really cannot be understood unless you are here. Some of the songs are in French while some of the choruses they sing in both languages. The choruses oftentimes are very simple in their message and yet very powerful. When you combine good words with good hearts you have marvelous singing. I will assume that I have shared the following thought with you in past blogs (not on this trip); what I have seen in my very brief life is that if an American believes they cannot sing well (even if they can); they do not sing out. Over here; they simply pour their heart and soul into the singing and some of the worst voices produce beauty to the ears of our Lord. He, of course, is tone-deaf and is concerned with our heart. That is good for some of us; I had a teacher in preaching school that once said: I can carry a tune, I just have trouble unloading it. I have heard him sing and the unloading part is so true but he was a GREAT child of God. Once the Bible class was over; they had a brief “intermission” and then a song and the sermon. With virtually every congregation in Cameroon; the Lord’s Supper is the final “chapter” of a given worship service. A good friend of mine who is a medical doctor gave the thoughts before the Lord’s Supper. After the close of the worship we shared a meal together. They had sandwiches and either water or various soft drinks. It was a joy to continue to share fellowship.

After a number of photos and saying good-bye many times; Martin brought us back to the hotel. I took a shower and hopped on the computer. About 4:30 Louis and Linda Bassay came to wish Don & Louise a safe journey. They were here for about an hour and we enjoyed our visit. They are GREAT servants in the Kingdom. Jean Claude arrived around 6:30 and we headed down with luggage and off to the airport. No traffic and we were able to dump Don & Louise with no problems. Please be in prayer that they have a safe journey, good connections and no lost luggage. They do not take off until 11:55pm so still nearly 2 hours. Jean Claude dropped me off and I just Skyped with TMBWITW. Her sister Ellen stayed last night, tonight and tomorrow night and it was good to see her. Tomorrow I do not plan to leave the hotel and have told Jean Claude not to worry about me. He can rest from the past two weeks and I plan to begin work on my report, PowerPoint Presentation and packing.

This trip has been really good and all three of us have been healthy and safe throughout. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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