Saturday, February 16, 2019 7:30pm – 12:30pm CST

Dear All:

It has already been a GREAT day because I was able to Skype with The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (that would be my gorgeous wife) or as I like to call her: TMBWITW!!!!!!!! Her legs are hurting her today but she believes that is because of the cold weather. If she came here the pain would fly away! Today has been a restful and tiring day. Don’t ask me to explain but it is true. I got up around 8 and started to prep some things for Don and Louise’s departure tomorrow night. I will not fly out until Wednesday night as there are always things I need to do. Tomorrow is the combined service and we are expecting a jammed crowd. In fact, there will be so many children that they have built some kind of “edge” on the roof to keep any kid from falling off. Don’t worry; it is a flat roof and will one day be the main hall. They will rent 2 canopies to keep everyone from sweltering. Well, at least to limit the heat! Jean Claude thinks the hall will be so full that the plan is for the kids to be up for the entire 3 hours and that means Louise as well. You might want to say an extra prayer for her tonight. Jean Claude and Mary came at 1 and we first went to a grocery store to buy some candy that they will give the kids tomorrow. I also bought some Snickers for a big kid. We then went to the Wood Market to buy souvenirs. They have some really nice stuff that I would love to have in my house. The problem is that much of it will not fit in a suitcase. We then went to lunch and you can see us below. Notice that Jean Claude is giving Louise ‘rabbit ears’. What a punk! We then came back here and I visited with Don for some time. Oh, earlier this morning I had visited with Louise. They have both been monstrous blessings to this seminar and I wanted to convey my gratitude. I don’t think I have posted the other picture. We are crossing the street and as you can see; the traffic is right on us. It took a while but Martin knows how to squeeze in! I LOVE this traffic!!! Louise came down to check her email and all of a sudden, a noise came on my computer; I knew that it was Linda Skyping because she and Bapp and some of the grandkids are going to a movie. She and Louise spoke a few minutes and then I finished the conversation. There are at least two blessings of being able to Skype; the first, of course, is that I get to see TMBWITW. The second is that we can go over mail and much of the stuff that is junk can be thrown away. This saves me time when I get home. Because of the early hour I am going to watch a movie or TV show and snack a bit. We are excited about the Combined Service tomorrow. We are all doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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