Friday, February 15, 2019 8:15pm – 1:15pm CST

Dear All:

I am emotionally exhausted. I feel fine as far as energy is concerned but there is so much that goes into the seminar. The side stuff, such as keeping up with email, etc is no big deal. If you have ever preached you know that one sermon can take it out of you when you give your all. For the past two weeks I have spent roughly 28 hours of instruction and while I am so happy to be able to do this; there is a sense of relief. Now I know from history that within a few days that relief will turn to looking forward to the next journey in May.

Well, Seminar #21 is finished. Given the problems that the Crisis presented; I was thoroughly pleased with both the French and English parts. My prayer is that much good was done and as our brethren return, they will model and share what they have learned. Don had 51 in his class; Louise had 35 and I had 86. The averages for the week were: Don (38), Louise (35) and me (71). As I stated last Friday (I think); I realize that the numbers by themselves prove nothing good or bad. Please pray that what our brethren have learned this week will prove to increase the Kingdom of God. One of the brothers got up at the end and spoke of the possible uncertainty of the seminar due to the Crisis. He then mentioned, correctly, that everything went well and God was involved. I could not have asked for a better seminar in every way.

My statements of the morning will always be “reruns”. Perhaps your memory is like mine which has its advantages. Due to the fact that I cannot remember the last time I saw a particular episode of Gunsmoke (even though I have seen it 149 times); I never know for sure if Marshall Dillon will come out ahead. I figger he will since it is his show and he has to return next week! At any rate; with a small exception of a traffic problem (see #2 below) we still arrived 15 minutes early. Don had a good first hour and then I had to leave to come and snap the sisters. You can see them below. I was coerced into coming to my room and taking a swig of Coke Zero. Due to my compassion for my “sweating brethren” in the hall; I did not drink the whole thing. That is just the type of guy I am. Took a machine back and Don had a good ending to his class. Martin then brought us back to the hotel and we ate in my room. I know that my recipes cause you to desire to eat so I will not share what we had. I then made final preparations for my class and we returned to the hall. Everything went well (my sweat glands are still in superior shape), but it is always bitter-sweet on the last day. We have to say good-bye to many who we will not see for another year, if the Lord permits. Fortunately, as I said yesterday (I think I said this), I will be headed to the North and will get to see some of these great brethren and others who could not attend. Normal routine when we got back (shower and eat) and then went to work on the computer after Louise had checked her emails.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. The machine I took to snap the sisters was driven by an “American Driver”. Let me explain; he was cautious, did not pull out in front of people and generally drove as we would in the States. I do not like that; the normal “Cameroonian Driver” is far superior because he is so much more efficient. Sometimes when I am in the States and in heavy traffic, I say to myself: self; don’t these people know that you can 1) drive on the opposite side of the road 2) drive on the sidewalk 3) squeeze between vehicles and simply blow your horn to let them be aware. Our efficiency level in the States is pathetic.
  2. If you look carefully at the traffic photo below you will see the following: a machine driving on the median (that should have been #4 in the previous paragraph), a taxi on the left climbing the median and we are on the median as we are crossing the street. You see; a large truck had stalled in the middle of the intersection causing mayhem; Martin knew exactly what to do and we backed up and then went around a vehicle; climbed the median and we were on our way.
  3. There are 13 ceiling fans (something like that) in the hall. Each morning I will turn 9 of them on as they have switches on the walls. Four, however, require that you climb on a bench and take your life in your hands. One of the participants in the seminar is a medical doctor who is a great Christian brother. I told him that I did not want to climb as I might need his services to which he replied: I don’t want to have to work on you.
  4. This afternoon when Louise entered the hall, she spoke of how hot it was. This, of course, coming from the sweet girl that sleeps in A/C and then goes to an A/C room for her class. Poor Don and I deserve some kind of medal. At least you should do a oh, poor baby for us!

I was so blessed to be able to see TMBWITW last night. It is always good to see Charlie Brown as well. Lord willing, I can Skype with them within the next 2 hours. We continue to do well and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to keep our brethren on the English side in prayer. Oh, I took a lot of good pictures today that I will be able to share over the coming days.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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