Wednesday, February 13, 2019 9:40pm – 2:40pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord continues to bless us. Don had 35 in his class today; Louise had 34 and I had 67. The quality of the questions and interaction with the brothers is excellent and Louise is saying the same regarding the sisters. The benefit of the seminar goes far beyond lectures with questions and answers. During the break’s brethren will ask questions, make comments and truly show a desire to know more of both the Word of God and how to apply it. Below left is a brother named John talking with Don. On the right is a picture of Jean Claude and Louis. As I have stated earlier; they are doing a great job of translating.

Got up at 7 and did my usual routine. Left on time; traffic has been fine and we get to the hall with 15 minutes to spare. I was able, once more, to be in Don’s class all morning. The book of Philippians that he is teaching has so many lessons for us today. Of course, that is one of the beauties of the Word of God in that it is a timeless book that will last all generations on the earth and beyond. We came back at noon and the traffic was heavy. I am sure you are familiar with the concept of organized chaos; well here it is disorganized chaos! This place would be “heart attack city” for the faint of heart. The reality is that I feel as safe here as anyplace in the States. We ate lunch in my room and just after I had made my wonderful plate; somehow, I tipped it over and my lunch was on the floor. Don had some food from the States so I did not go hungry. After lunch I prepared for my afternoon class. Went back with no problems and met the brethren. I cannot adequately describe walking from the road down to the hall. It is fairly steep with dirt and concrete. One brother told me that he worries each time I go down and I said; “me, too”. Actually, I almost ‘bit the dust’ yesterday but fortunately I have great balance and agility. I was happy with my class. We spent the first hour going over some things about shepherds. I feel as though it was beneficial. After my class Martin brought us back to the hotel. We all take a shower immediately and then eat. Oh, this afternoon the power went off again but they fired up their generator so the fans began moving air. I have been working on some preacher reports and some other things as the seminar will wind down in 2 days. Many last-minute issues that need to be dealt with.

Linda was doing well yesterday and I will Skype with her and Charlie Brown in about an hour. Thanks for your continued prayers.


In Christ,

Jim Corner

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