Tuesday, February 12, 2019 8:35pm – 1:35pm CST

Dear All:

I know that I always begin by saying that things are going well but there is one reason for that; things are going well. Today Louise had 33, Don 31 and I had 59. The numbers were a little lower because of the holiday yesterday. Some were able to come that will not be able to come for the balance of the week. We did have some new brethren today and I would guess that we are pretty much where we will be as far as numbers.

Began the day as usual with nothing exceptional to write about. Left for the hall on time and made it plenty early. Don did an excellent job once again. I was there for the entire class. You can see Don and Louis below. Louis does an excellent job of translating. We came back to the hotel at noon and ate at the hotel restaurant. We all had our Olive Garden Spaghetti and it was deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious! Then went back to the hall and I snapped Paul and Simon below. Paul is Jean Claude’s junior brother and preaches for the church in Bertoua. Simon preaches for the church in Nkoabang which is one of the Yaounde congregations. They are both great workers in the Kingdom. Around 4:50 the electricity went out. We have 9 fans in the hall to provide circulation but once the juice was gone, it was even hotter than usual. My class went well and we discussed a few things that are somewhat controversial in Cameroon. One of the weaknesses of the church in this country is that too many who lead the church are not good thinkers. They are great at regurgitating what they have been taught and I am trying to stretch their brains. For example, some believe that if a man only has adopted children that he cannot serve as a shepherd. I pointed out from Romans 8 and Ephesians 1 that we are adopted and to top it off; we are called co-heirs with Christ in Romans 8:17! I am not sure that I should be on the level of a co-heir with my Lord but I am not complaining. My classes are always focused on challenging their thinking. I am not interested in whether they agree with me or not since I am not God. I do want them to learn to look at a text and exegete it well.

We came back to the hotel and ate, as always, in my room. Got a shower first and then the power went off for about 5 minutes. Lost power one more time but only for less than a minute. I look back at my early years in Africa and power outages and loss of water were common. We have had nothing to complain about on this journey. Skyped with Charlie Brown and Grandma last night. She was in good spirits and had shed herself of the heart monitor. I may have told you this in the past but Charlie Brown’s real name is Jose Luis. When I tell people that they inquire as to why I call him Charlie Brown and the reason is simple; he looks like a Charlie Brown and that is good. It will still be over 2 hours before I can see TMBWITW (The Most Beautiful Woman In The World). We are all doing well and everything is going smoothly regarding the seminar. Thanks for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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