Monday, February 11, 2019 10:40pm ā€“ 3:40pm CST

Dear All:

Began with a great day. Don had 32 in his class, Louise had 40 and I had 68. History says that we will move upward in numbers tomorrow. As I told you last week, I was very surprised that the numbers for the English grew daily because of the Crisis. The numbers for the French side will probably stabilize after tomorrow. I mentioned to Don that I was a false prophet last week regarding the numbers. He said that I am fortunate I do not live under the law of Moses. Aren’t we all! I am not going to get too graphic but entire villages have been leveled and so many have been killed. I spoke with the preacher for the Kumba Town Church of Christ which is the largest congregation in the country. Typically, they have 225 and yesterday the number was 25. The people are fearful of being out of their houses. It is truly a traumatic time for our brethren and those who are outside of the Kingdom. I am praying for all of them as I know you are.

Got up at 6:50 and Don and I checked on Louise before she left and everything was set in her classroom. We went down and 4 sisters were there and we greeted them. We then went down to wait for Martin (we were early) and I had Don take the picture below of me in the Chief Chair. The second picture was taken yesterday of Jean Claude and Mary. Today is Youth Day which is a public holiday. Traffic was light so we made it with no problems. I noticed yesterday on the way to the hall that a large light pole had fallen across the street. The road is divided by a median so all of the traffic had to move to one side. No problem yesterday or today and when we came home this afternoon it had been fixed. It was good to see the brothers and Louis interpreted for Don. Louis and Jean Claude are EXCELLENT. They have been around Americans long enough that we don’t throw them even when we use slang or fail to articulate a sentence well. I took a machine back to the hotel to check on Louise to make sure everything was OK with her and her class and it was. I actually did not go to my room for a Coke Zero but did go and get some cold water. I was forced to do a couple of things in my A/C room but I felt bad the entire time for my sweltering brethren. Wait, scratch that last line because of Revelation 21:8! Louise really has it easy in the mornings. She walks from her A/C room down one flight of stairs to the A/C room the sisters use for their class. She only has to deal with the heat in my class and says that she only goes because she feels compelled to and not that she wants to listen to me. Wait, scratch that last line because of Revelation 21:8! I went back to the hall to listen to Don and his class went well. Martin then brought us back and we dined in style in my room. Will give you the final recipe; take a Hormel Microwave dinner of Roast Beef and Potatoes, a can of tuna, a can of corn, some sausage from the fridge (do not heat it) and crunch your favorite flavor of Pringles on it. Remember, DO NOT heat as you will remove the most valuable entities that make the meal healthy. Don and Louise both say that they plan to go back and share these recipes with their families! Wait, scratch that last line because of Revelation 21:8! I went over my lesson for the afternoon and then Martin picked us. Everything went well and I was pleased with the class. Martin brought us back to the hotel and I had a nice shower and the two stooges (that would be Don and Louise) came down to have supper. They both said that my class today was the best class they have ever heard. Wait, scratch that last line because of Revelation 21:8! That passage is really getting in my way! I will try and Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma in about 2 hours. She was supposed to get the heart monitor off today and Bapp is going to help her. She is the best daughter in the history of daughters and I do not have to worry about Revelation 21:8 with that statement. We are all doing well and thank you so much for your prayers and concern.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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