Sunday, February 10, 2019 7:30pm – 1:30pm CST

Dear All:

We have had a marvelous Lord’s Day! I will begin at the beginning. Got up at 7:15 as I was not going to leave for the church hall until 8:45. Don and Louise were picked by Louis at about 8:40. Martin picked me and you can see a picture of the two of us below. He is a wonderful young Christian brother. When I arrived, it was so good to see brethren that are so dear to me. I had the Bible class this morning and spoke from the Parable of the Sower and my primary emphasis was on lessons we learn from the story that impact us today. The worship was wonderful and you can see a picture of the brethren below. A brother named Franklin led our singing and this guy knows what he is doing. I always am happy when he is the song leader. A brother named Lawrence had the sermon and he did a great job. His focus was on the fact that we all deal with weaknesses in our lives. His overriding point was that God is more powerful than any weakness we may have. The entire service was a blessing to me and I am confident that the Lord was pleased. The service began at 9 and concluded at 12:15. I visited for some time and left at 12:45. We ate lunch at the hotel restaurant and it was good, as always. I then went to my room and took a nice shower and then started reading the evaluation quotes. Here are some of them:

  1. The seminar is useful because we are taking back to our congregations what we have learned.
  2. Many churches are now able to teach children because of Sister Louise and the other American sisters who have come.
  3. I am thankful for the in-depth study we had of the Word of God.
  4. I want Sister Louise to come more often.
  5. The seminar is useful because you teach us in ways that we can grow in our faith and go back to our congregations and help them grow.
  6. We have seen positive changes in our churches because of the seminars.
  7. This seminar is useful because I will take what I have learned to my congregation and people.
  8. Of course; the seminar has developed the mindset of Cameroonians to be spiritually minded.
  9. The seminar was a good one because it helped build my faith and correct some of the wrong things I have been doing.
  10. These seminars should continue because they open our understanding of the Word of God.
  11. I want to thank you for the great things you are doing to bring us the Word from a good dimension and to prepare us to serve.
  12. May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless all who contribute to this seminar.
  13. This seminar is useful because many Christians learn what we have been taught and we return and teach them.
  14. The seminar is so good because it opens our brains wide to the Word of God.
  15. I am so happy because this seminar has helped me to focus on Jesus Christ.


I will confess that we still have those who want the Americans to build church halls, orphanages, hospitals, support preachers and so much more that all requires money. When I read the Scriptures, I see that lifting Jesus (John 12:32) will bring people. I see in Romans 1:16 that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. I see in I Thessalonians 1:4ff that modeling Jesus brings people to Christ and I could go on and on. I am not saying that supported preachers, church halls, orphanages or hospitals are wrong; all I see from Scripture is that the church grows as we sow the seed, disciple new Christians and model Jesus. My fear (you may disagree) is that we can cause much harm and have done so by throwing money at native churches. I am not opposed to helping but that help must be aimed at dependency on God and not on Americans. Nevertheless; so many of the leaders are getting the correct message.


Louise came down at 6 to get on the computer. Then Don came down at 6:30 and we had a nice meal. Actually, our evening meal is very light but the fellowship is great. I am so thankful for Don and Louise and what they mean to this team effort. The same can be said of Richard and Lori Sutton, Chris Lowe, Richard and Teresa Blaisdell, Terry and Vonda Smith, Virgil Butler and a host of other brethren who have helped me. Then Jean Claude came with Mary and a sister by the name of Praise. He came to bring the French Books for the sisters. After they left, I got back on the computer and then went over my lesson for tomorrow. We are eagerly looking forward to starting the French section.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. As you know, in the States at a crosswalk with a light there will oftentimes be numbers to let you know how much time you have to cross. It will start at 15 and then 14 etc. They have something here that is neater; there is a picture of a little man in green walking slowly. As it gets closer to the time for the light to change, he quickens his pace and finally is hoofing it.
  2. I was really sweating this morning in worship. Why, I haven’t sweat that much since; oh, this past Friday!!!
  3. All of the sermons and Bible classes at Jean Claude’s congregation are interpreted as they have both French and English brethren.
  4. I made a note to myself the other day to include the following in my blog but just now looked at my note. I rode on a machine with a driver that was wearing a heavy wool cap that covered his ears. Understand that it is in the 90s here. That kind of cap should be worn in Minnesota in January!

I will try and Skype with Linda in a couple of hours. Please keep her in prayer and those who are traveling. We already know that some have arrived. Don, Louise and I are all doing well and I we thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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