February 8, 2019 9:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Dear All:

The English seminar has concluded. Very pleased with not only the attendance but the work that was accomplished. I will continue to praise God for His work and also His children, like you, who are so faithful. The seminar is going along well because He is blessing it and because you are imploring Him to do so. Thanks! Each time (whether a campaign or seminar) I make this statement: I know that numbers do not tell the story but they at least are some type of metric. Louise had 33 in her class today, Don had 48 and I had 78. The averages were 28 for Louise; 44 for Don and 73 for me. Obviously, my class is larger because I am teaching both the brothers and sisters. The numbers are much lower than in previous years but we knew that would be the case going in. That does not, however, remove the fact that the Kingdom has been strengthened.

Morning time, that is, before we left for the hall was normal. Martin was on time (he always is) and we made it to the hall 15 minutes early. I collected the evaluation sheets and will share some of the comments in the coming days. If you are new to these blogs, each year we ask the brethren to evaluate the seminar. They are not required to put their name on the paper as we want them to feel free to say whatever is on their mind. Around 10 I hopped a machine and came back to the hotel to snap the sisters (you can see them below), to collect their forms and to take them some pens. The reason that some, including Louise, appear so tall is that they are standing on chairs. I snapped as quickly as possible as I did not want accidents. Oh; I was coerced into going to my A/C room and having a Coke Zero. If it makes you feel any better; I felt sorry for my poor brothers who were in the heat. Went back to the hall and finished listening to Don’s class on Philippians. It has been a very practical series of lessons on how the child of God is to behave and how the leader can influence that behavior. We then came back to the hotel and ate lunch in my room. I would take a picture of the plate but that might lead you to be envious and that is a serious sin and I do not want to tempt you. Let’s just say: it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious! I did take a picture of all of the stuff before we ate and will post it tomorrow. Now you have something to look forward to with great anticipation! After Don and Louise went back to their rooms I went over my class for the afternoon. The session went well and we were sorry to have to say goodbye. Came back to the hotel and snacked in my room and relaxed. Tomorrow we need to go to a grocery store to buy a few things but we are pretty much set for next week.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  1. Picture on the right is of Terrance and me. He and a brother named Glen interpreted for both of us. I will give you a picture of Glen tomorrow.
  2. There are a number of brethren who are using the Bible on their phones. I have such an app but I still prefer the old way as I can have my fingers in different places while I am listening to the sermon. It also may because I am an old geezer but what does that make TB?
  3. I have a small freezer in my refrigerator so I put a bottle of water in last night. This morning it had a good amount of ice but after getting out in the weather at the hall; that ice became history very quickly.
  4. I got a great laugh this morning. Don had spoken of the joy that Paul had and a brother said: do you think that was because he did not have a wife and kids!!!! At the break I asked Vincent if I should say that to Linda and he said: if you do, she will report you to the elders and they will discipline you. Even if they did; I would be far more worried about the discipline she would distribute.
  5. The brethren from the English side cannot return until late next week because the rebels have blocked the road. They will stay at the church hall in Bonaberi. I gave them transport money to get back and food money for next week. Those of you who gave extra for this campaign are to be congratulated.

I was able to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma last night. It was a joy to see her last night (always is). She is the light of my life and a blessing that cannot be measured in human words. As I have stated on many occasions; she is the backbone of this ministry. Thanks for your continued prayers. Please ask the Lord to grant those who are coming from the French congregations for safety. This is strange that we are not packing tonight for a journey tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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