February 7, 2019 9:45pm – 2:45pm CST

Dear All:

As you can see from the time; I am a bit behind. Let’s get right to it; got up at 7 and things each morning are pretty much the same. We went down on the way out to order our lunch. Martin was prompt and we had no problems in getting to the hall. While I love machines, with the exception of the first two days with the Bike Race it has been nice to have him carry us all at the same time. We arrived in plenty of time and Don went to work. He has done a GREAT job! At 10:00am I had a meeting with some of the village preachers. It is sad to see what is happening to this country. I just pray that God will intervene. After his class we got back to the hotel and ate our lunch and it was very nice. Came back to my room and hopped on the computer. Left for the hall at 2:30 and once again, had no traffic. Now; no traffic here is traffic in the States! My class went well and after the first break we took a group photo which you can see below. You can also see Louise teaching her class. Got back after the afternoon class and after a nice cold shower (yes, after a hot day the cold water feels good), Don and Louise came down to my room to eat. Louise gets on my computer each day and this was no exception. Don and I visited while she typed. I have been doing some other things to wind down the English seminar. Our numbers are increasing as Louise had 32 today, Don had 46 and I had 77. The three of us feel as though the seminar has been a blessing. We have representatives from 30 congregations which is great. Our goal, because of the Crisis; was to have fewer participants but still a good representation of the churches.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. My junior brother shows no respect to his wise and elderly brother (that would be me). Typically, I use the lifter (elevator) while Don and Louise climb stairs. Just another example of my wisdom. Well, the lifter had a bunch of people climbing on it so I walked. Don knocked the door of Louise and said: we might have to call an ambulance because the old man took the stairs. Is that any way to treat a senior saint? Well, I may be a saint but the senior part only belongs to people who have reached the advanced age of Teresa Blaisdell!
  2. I have decided not to go to a “sweat gland” doctor when I get back. The only possible need I would have of such a guy is that I may be producing too much sweat. Man, my shirt was drenched after my class.
  3. Once I get back, I crank up my A/C. When Louise walked in for supper she immediately turned around and said: I have to go back and get my sweater. Why would you bring a sweater to Cameroon in the dry season?

We are all doing well and look forward to the last day of this part of the seminar. Thank you for your continued prayers for us, the Crisis and Linda. She seemed to be doing well yesterday and Charlie Brown is always good. Lord willing, I will Skype with them in about 90 minutes.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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