Monday, February 4, 2019 8:15pm – 1:15pm CST

Dear All:

Today was a HOT day! I don’t know what the temperature was but I used my handkerchief to wipe my brow and by the end of the day I could squeeze out sweat!

Let’s begin at the beginning: Got up at 6:45 as we always have extra stuff to do on the first day. Went down with Louise to her classroom and made sure everything was in order. Later found out that I had left the booklets for the ladies in my room but Mary was able to get my key and get in and collect them. Martin picked me and Don in his taxi and we were at the hall within 10 minutes. The first day is always so neat because it is good to see brethren that you have not fellowshipped with in a year. So many good and friendly faces! Generally, I go over to Louise’s class around 10 to make sure everything is OK. Today, however, there was a bicycle competition so the road was blocked so I stayed all morning with Don. He did a GREAT job. You can see him below with Terrance who translated into Pidgin for him. Not sure that that is the correct spelling of Pidgin but my spell checker did not go crazy so it must be. Of course, I may have added it to the dictionary on a previous trip. Martin brought us back to the hotel where we ate in my room. My darling brother said that I needed to share my recipe today so here goes: 1) take a Hormel dinner of Salisbury Steak and Mashed Potatoes 2) add Tuna 3) add Beenee Weenees 4) add Vienna sausage and 5) canned corn. The key is to mix it all up on your plate and eat at room temperature. Scientific studies have shown that for every degree of heat you put this stuff on; you lose 1% of the nutrients so you can see that when you heat your meal; you are ruining the food value. You are welcome for that tip! I went over my lesson for the afternoon and we headed back to the hall. The road was locked (blocked) because of the race so we took another route. The picture on the right below shows where a train slowed us down. The red thing on the left is the locomotive and it was very slow in moving. The machines are interesting in the way they are trying to pass. We then got stopped behind a big truck and could not tell the problem. Martin got out and assessed the situation and came back to tell us we were walking the rest of the way. I think it was about a 10 mile walk but Don and Louise do not concur. I was reminded of why machines are so superior to automobiles. At any rate; we were about 20 minutes late but a brother was cranking out the songs. My class went well (I think) as we began to look at Shepherds, some miscellaneous thoughts about them and their selection. We were able to get about halfway through the qualifications and I will finish them tomorrow. There are over 200 congregations in Cameroon and only 2 have shepherds. I feel as though this is a timely class. Martin brought us back and I was able to take a nice shower. I actually tried to get the water as cold as possible because I was hot. Louise came down and did some emailing. I have been downloading pictures, working on my class for tomorrow and writing this. I will snack on some health food and Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma once he gets home from school which is another 2 ½ hours. Linda told me yesterday she is adjusting to the Heart Monitor and she has one more week to wear it. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are all well!

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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