Sunday, February 3, 2019 9:00pm – 2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Have had a GREAT Lord’s Day! Slept well again and got up at 7:00. There is a secret to sleeping well; go to bed with a Snickers or Mars Bar in your stomach! The preacher where I spoke (Logpom) has a phone that does not work. Therefore, Martin carried me to worship and they had no one to translate for me. Fortunately, a brother named Victor who I have known for a long time was visiting and he did a great job. I have not really experienced any heat until today; my handkerchief was fairly soaked by the time the worship was over. I taught the Bible class from Ephesians 2:1-10 and my sermon was from the parable of the Sower. The majority of the sermon dealt with application. Oh, after the Bible class we had questions and answers and they went so long that I was finally told to stop. The picture below is of the brethren at Logpom. After the worship we visited and then headed back to the hotel. Martin is a delight to be around. His wife is currently in Nigeria where her parents live. They are sick (one has an eye problem but I do not know what kind) and she has gone to care for them. Don and Louise both had great worship services and we ate in the hotel restaurant. Don and I took machines to a grocery store to get some Mayo for his tuna. If we could have walked, I would have let him go by himself but since we got to ride; it was well worth the journey. While we were gone Louise got on my computer and did whatever she does on a computer. Once I got back, I spent several hours doing various things. I visited with Louise about a number of things. She is such a blessing to the work in Cameroon. Then Jean Claude and Mary came and she visited with Louise while Jean Claude went back to the hall. Don came over and we dined; cheese, Pringles and Oreos! We talked for several hours. Jean Claude came and dropped the seminar books for the ladies and he and Mary have left. I am fixin to Skype with Linda.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Logpom is a French congregation but they sang a combination of French and English songs. I noticed that when they sang in French there was more gusto!
  2. I know I have mentioned this before; Cameroon has 273 dialects which is more than any African country. The dialects are not remotely close to English or French. Virtually all Cameroonians speak a minimum of 2 languages; English or French and their dialect. Many speak more.
  3. Jean Claude informed me that many brethren have come tonight. Tomorrow will be the first time that I have no “feel” for how many will be in attendance. It is very troublesome to travel on the English side.
  4. The big fan you see is carried on a machine to the hall. There used to be 4 ceiling fans but thieves stole them.

Please continue to pray for the seminar. Thanks so much!!!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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