February 2, 2019 9:45pm – 2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Today was a grand day topped off at the airport. Will get to that in a minute. Slept till 9 and had a restful sleep. Don slept well but Louise not so much. This morning Jean Claude had a meeting with the Board of Trustees so Don, Louise and I grabbed a taxi at the hotel and went to two different stores on important missions. We were able to succeed; the primary mission was to find Coke Zero! Shortly after we got back Jean Claude, Mary and the 3 of us went to a new restaurant. It is like KFC or Canes in that it is chicken only. Was very nice. We came back and Don, Louise and I started putting name tags together for the seminar. You can see two of them hard at work below. I primarily filled the role of supervisor and watched to make sure they weren’t messing up! I called our oldest son Robin as he is 46 today which is hard to believe since I am only 53. Don and I visited for a good period of time. It is always good to be with my junior (little) brother. Jean Claude was supposed to pick us at 7 to go to the airport to check on Louise’s baggage. I called him at 7:10 and asked him where he was and he had completely forgotten. Well, he was at the church hall which is only 10 minutes away and got here quickly. Made it to the airport with no problems and went in easily. They directed us back to the luggage area and there were her bags. Yea!!!!!!! We collected them and were out in2 minutes time. When we got back, I took a nice shower and am going to try a pastry type thing that I bought today. I will Skype with Linda in a bit. Oh, she told me yesterday she is beginning to feel a bit more comfortable with the heart monitor. I continue to thank each of you who are calling her or visiting her and praying for her. Tomorrow I will worship at Logpom, Don at Dakar and Louise at Cite de la paix which is Jean Claude’s congregation. Thanks for your continued prayers and especially for your prayers regarding Louise’s bags.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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