January 31, 2019 9:15pm – 3:15pm CST

Dear All:

I just got off the phone with Linda. First of all; for all who have called or visited (which is a bunch); I am so thankful. She went to the doctor today and has a Sinus Infection to go with all of her other stuff! It was good to hear her voice and I will Skype with her later. I am bummed out because Charlie Brown has a doctor’s appointment so I won’t get to see him.

Slept till about 9 and did routine stuff until Jean Claude and Louis were supposed to come. I went downstairs and Julien (the preacher at the Dakar Church of Christ) and his wife Natalie had come. We visited and shortly thereafter Jean Claude and Louis arrived. I will not have good information regarding the number who will come until next week. For those who are going to travel from the English side they will have to leave on either Saturday or Sunday. Please keep their safety in your prayers. We then went and had a nice lunch. Next Jean Claude and I went to buy supplies for the seminar and went to a store to buy a few things. We were hunting Coke Zero (this is hunting season right now) and they were scarce. Actually, until the 6th store we found none but perseverance paid off. I primarily was fetching them for Don and Louise. Don’t know why Louise needs Coke Zero but do understand why my darling brother does! Came back and got on the computer and then did some stuff with Jean Claude later. I am going to snack on something healthy like a Snickers or Mars Bar. I am feeling great and please pray for Don and Louise as they are on the way as I write.

The picture below is of a kid named Austin that is one of a plethora (Teresa Blaisdell will have to ask Ricardo what plethora means) of kids that Linda has babysat over the years. He is now 11 or something like that. His grandparents go to our congregation and he learned his eating habits from his grandmother whose name I will not give out but she is a nurse and her initials are PK.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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