Tuesday, January 29, 2019 10:15pm – 7:15pm CST

Dear All:

It is time to get caught up. Some of you have read my “Howdys” for many years and some are unfortunate to be beginning now. I want to warn you that it may be painful at times and most of what I write is fluff. Just think that there could be worse things; you know, like having all of your teeth pulled with no Novocain. Or walking barefoot on hot coals for 3 miles. Woke up this morning at 5:30 but was packed from this past Saturday. Linda is still not feeling better and I will address that in a minute. Our daughter Bapp (for some strange reason her mother gave her the silly nickname of Stephanie) came over at 7:25 and we headed to the airport. Traffic was a little heavy on LBJ but once we got on the Express Lane we did well. Arrived in plenty of time as the flight did not leave until 11:05. No line at all to check my luggage and get my boarding passes. It is nice that I do not have to go to a Transfer Desk in either Atlanta or Paris to get the next pass or two. I had been upgraded to First Class from Dallas to Atlanta because they said I was a “classy” guy. We got more treats than the poor slobs in Coach and the flight went well. Got to my next gate and went on the computer and found an email from Air France. My flight from Paris to Douala has been delayed by 2+ hours but by the time you read this I will be in Douala. That means I have a 5-hour layover which is no problem. Have you ever noticed that what irritates us demonstrates our wealth? For example, you order Original at KFC and you get home and it is Extra Crispy. Now that is something to complain about! Got on the plane to Paris and I have an exit row seat with more legroom than I need. If a 7-footer was here it would be more than he needed! Flying neither excites or bothers me with one exception; the GREAT airplane food! When I am in the States, I can’t get airplane food so sometimes I will go to a hospital cafeteria which is nearly as good. There is still about 4 or 5 hours before we land. I have not decided if I will try and sleep or not.

Let me talk about Linda; if you are one of my Facebook friends you will know a little about what I am fixin to write. A year ago, Linda was diagnosed with Celiac Disease but the good news is that it is under control. For the past month or so she has not been feeling well and several trips to the doctor gave us no answers. We were finally told to go to a Cardiologist so I made an appointment with mine yesterday. He put a heart monitor on her that she will wear for 2 weeks. Then on Feb 22 she will have an Echocardiogram. He is not worried and there is an excellent chance that nothing is wrong with her heart and we will then look for another cause. She is not sleeping well and is very tired in the morning. Please keep her in prayer. I would ask you to call her if you are not near or are too busy for a visit. If you can go over for an hour or so, I know it would cheer her up. Bapp is going to take care of getting her to doctor appointments and her sister is going to help. We hope to have grandkids stay with her on Friday and Saturday nights. I will be able to Skype with her daily and will let you know of anything new. Oh; the picture below is of Charlie Brown, the 10-year-old that Linda has babysat since he was 6 weeks old. He was about 3 in that picture. She has had a great impact on him spiritually; when we were coming from the doctor’s office on Monday Grandma was down. CB said: remember, Grandma, that God is with you. He gave that type of response because of Linda’s influence on him.

Don and Louise are scheduled to land on Friday. I leave earlier than them and will come home later because I have stuff to do while I am in Cameroon that can only be done in person. The English seminar will start first next Monday. Please pray that those brethren have a safe journey to Douala. There are no problems on the French side but numerous ones on the English side. That side of the country is still extremely unstable. We are confident that our time with both English and French brethren will be of benefit to the church.

January 30, 2019 9:15am – 2:15am CST

I have Wi-Fi here in Paris so I will be able to send this in a minute. The flight was good and I was able to sleep for about an hour. At least tonight I will get a good night’s rest. I have emailed Jean Claude regarding the delay which will be no problem. Since I am flying straight through did not have to go through Customs. Did, however, have to go through security but it was no big deal. I am at the gate and we are scheduled to leave in a little under 4 hours. Thank you so much for your prayers and especially your prayers and concern for Linda. She is an incredible woman; I know there are many wives who would never tolerate a husband with my kind of schedule. She realizes that by allowing me to travel; she is making an impact on the Kingdom. I tell people all of the time that she is second, only to God regarding this ministry. Those who support me are 3rd and I come in a distant 4th. I will probably wait until tomorrow to send again. By the time I get to the hotel and unpacked, it will probably be after midnight.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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