January 22, 2019 5:15pm – 5:15CST

Dear All:

If I remember correctly, when I wrote my pre-howdy in October it was a day or so before I left so, I am truly ahead of the game. Lord willing, I will be leaving next Tuesday and arrive in Douala the following day. This will be our 21st Leadership Seminar. Unlike the previous 20, both the English and French will take place in Douala. If you have followed my reports you are aware that there is a Crisis on the English side and it is simply not safe to travel. We have, therefore, invited certain brothers and sisters from English congregations to be with us. The numbers will be drastically lower from previous years but we have selected in such a way that we should still have 30-40 congregations represented. I want you to pray for Linda in my absence. She has not been feeling well for the past month or so. I am thankful, however, for our children in the area and the great brothers and sisters at our congregation. If you live in the area and could visit her, I know she would appreciate it. If you could give her a call, I know she would like to chat. The next time I write will be from Douala next Wednesday, Lord willing. BTW: the picture below is of KB when he was 1 or so. He is now 10! Once I get to Douala, I will start sending some pictures from there.

Remember the following rules:

  1. Please; no pictures or attachments.
  2. No jokes or political stuff.
  3. Feel free to email as it is good to hear from home.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

One Response to Pre-Howdy

  1. JANIE KLEIN says:

    Hi Jim,

    I am so sorry to hear that Linda has not been feeling well. I recall that she was having some pretty serious health issues about a year ago. Was a diagnosis ever made? We pray faithfully for both of you.

    I have been thinking of you lately and have a couple of West Douglas questions; however, I can only remember one right now. Jerry and I were laughing at breakfast this morning about “old” ladies using funeral home fans during church. I don’t remember that happening at W.D., but maybe you do. They were used at three small congregations in Oklahoma…Tuttle, Walters (where Jerry grew up), and Fairfax (where my grandparents lived). Maybe it was just a small church Okie thing. He asked me if we had air conditioning. I remember the side windows being rolled open for air. Is that correct? I know we did have air conditioning before we moved away.

    We will be praying especially for your trip to Cameroon. You have certainly given your life to God’s work.

    Love, Janie


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