Sunday, November 4, 2018 5:20pm – 11:20am CST

Dear Brethren:

The Lord’s Day was truly a blessing to me. Let me share the day as it unfolded: Got up at 7:15 and as Jean Claude would say; I slept like an old frog although in my case it is a young frog! Julien, the preacher at Dakar, came and picked me at 8:30. Like America, the traffic is light on Sunday so we made it there with time to spare. I have worked and preached at this congregation many times and know many of the brethren. It is always a joy to renew acquaintances. I really appreciate the PANO setting on my IPhone as you can see the entire congregation below. You will notice the ‘cubby hole’ in the back left. This is where the children have their class. I had both the Bible class and sermon and thoroughly enjoyed our praise of God. After the worship Julien told me there was a prospect for me to teach which was great. His name is Abel and you see him below after his baptism on the left. He had become disenchanted with the denomination he was raised in. He is not the first on this trip that told me they could see that we were following the Bible and not what a man said. He has been visiting for many months and I believe he will remain faithful. The place where he was baptized has a bunch of boats and was a somewhat unique place. Of course, it is not the water that saves but God when we obey His commands. As I told you the other day; we have truly had good prospects on this journey. I then took some pictures of Julien and his family and then he brought me back to the hotel. I must confess this was the only day of the trip where I noticed the heat. Once I got back I immediately jumped in the shower and took one with cold water and it felt so good. I then had supper and it was excellent. I have written some letters and will soon get on the computer and check email. I will be able to relax a bit tonight and watch a movie or TV show. I never watch TV here because primarily it is football (soccer) and I would rather watch paint dry than watch a football match! You see, there is more excitement in drying paint, unless of course, you like to watch people run up and down and kick a ball with nothing to show for it. Now, if you like football (soccer) that is OK because I know there are some people who like liver! Yuk!!!

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. The Dakar congregation has two English songbooks; Songs of the Church and Sacred Selections. They will put both numbers on the board so you can turn to the correct song, depending on your book. Also, in the books they have written the corresponding numbers for the other book.
  2. If you are familiar with these two books you know that on the same song; some have 3 verses while the other has 4. Today we were singing one of those songs and the song leader said we will “jump” verse 3 and sing 1, 2 & 4.
  3. Staying on the singing thing; they have a French songbook that has many English hymns. I was singing in English while they were doing the same in French.

I will Skype, Lord willing, with Linda in a few hours. I have been saying THANK YOU for your prayers for Jean Claude and myself but I am also very pleased for your prayers and concern for Linda. She has done well in my absence and I am very appreciative to each of you. I do not fly out until Tuesday night near midnight so the next two days will see me doing various things with Jean Claude. For example, tomorrow we will plan the May trip. I think I told you a few days ago that this year we will work in May because the Africa Cup will be in Cameroon in June. I feel great and am thankful to each of you.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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