Saturday, November 3, 2018 6:10pm-12:10pm CST

Dear All:

It was a good and relaxing day. Here is how it went: got up at 6:15 and left the hotel at 7:15. The trip was uneventful although we stopped a lot for Jean Claude to buy various food stuffs for his family. He said I will get a lot of kisses for all I am buying. Maybe you can buy love!!!! The picture on the bottom right is some of the stuff as he needed two machines to carry all. It was amazing to watch Martin pack everything. He is truly a professional. When he carries loads like the one below or 4 people he rides on the gas tank. When I asked Jean Claude how he slept last night he went into his old frog routine. He said he is feeling fine which makes me happy. The stops we made were at roadside stands where you find out what they want and try to bring them down. Sometimes it works and when it does not, you drive away. We arrived in Bonaberi at about 12:15. Oh, on the way I snapped the picture on the left. Those are baskets that are used to hold various fruits and vegetables. I had a mundane but good breakfast of 3 cooked (hard boiled) eggs and OJ. After we dropped Jean Claude we proceeded on to the hotel. It is very nice with every amenity you could ask for. I began unpacking and it is nice to know that I will not travel until Tuesday night. I was able to get a nice shower and then had a good supper. I will spend some of tonight writing and editing my trip report. I also want to go over my Bible class and sermon for tomorrow. I plan to Skype with Linda in a couple of hours.

I do want you to continue to pray for the Crisis on the English side. Our brethren are really suffering. When you look at the word that is translated hospitality or hospitable in the New Testament it does not refer to having your friends over for a meal. The word actually means a ‘a lover of strangers’. Many of us (me included) could learn some powerful lessons from our Cameroonian brethren. When the English flee for safety the French brethren are ready and eager to welcome them. I will worship with the Dakar Church of Christ tomorrow and am looking forward to it. Thank you for all of your prayers!

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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