Wednesday, October 31, 2018 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am not sure how to begin. I told you yesterday that I was not positive about today. If you have ever done evangelism you know what it means to read a prospect. Of course, we may misread but I will share the two studies I had. The first was with a woman by the name of Juliette. She is a strong (and I mean strong) Charismatic. If you are familiar with this group you know that they are emotion based. When a person’s faith is based on emotion rather than the Word of God; it is impossible to lead them to Jesus. We only pray that she will change. The next young man was named Brice and he is locked in to his denomination. I thought that my dad was dogmatic but I think that Brice could have whipped him. Our job, of course, is to sow seed and we did and would ask you to pray that something will happen in the lives of Juliette and Brice to bring then to saving faith.

The day began at 7 and we left at 10. I was able to get a lot of work done on the computer before we left. I have been blessed by the internet connections I have had throughout. Only twice was there any difficulty and both times the problems were worked out. Simon brought me back to the hotel as Jean Claude had some discussion with a few brethren. We had a great lupper (or is it linner) and we both agreed that Juliette and Brice were not true prospects. Some brother just said; come and study and they said OK. Brice, for example, said that sin is abstract but he finally did agree that if you murdered someone there was nothing abstract about it. He also said that burial for baptism in Rom 6:4 includes sprinkling so it became apparent that he was not serious. Well, he was serious but it was in defending his beliefs at any cost. Oh, the two pictures below are: 1) on the left a picture of Jean Claude and Scott praying with a new convert after his baptism 2) the Biyem-Assi church hall. You can see it is very nice and tonight we had a total of 4.

I have a new best friend and one, shall we say, that is not my favorite. My new best friend is Florence as she believes I am 48 which is about what I look like! The other one is a woman who first met me when she was a teenager and last night she said I looked old! Can you imagine what she would think about Teresa Blaisdell! One more thing while I am thinking about it: I have been working in Africa for 30 years and Cameroon for over 22. You would think that by now the traffic and acumen of the drivers would no longer amaze me but it does. I have told you in the past that I smile when I am on a machine but I also find myself smiling when I am in a taxi as we maneuver in places that you would think are impossible. I am always at peace because of the great track record of these guys. I was able to take a machine home tonight and the ride was thrilling.

I am basically packed after having a nice shower. I cannot remember if I told you or not but I had no water last night. The Skype connection last night was bad but we are hoping for better tonight. We leave in the morning for Bangante. Jean Claude says he is better but keep the prayers going for him. I REALLY am GREAT and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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