Tuesday, October 30, 2018 8:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

Another blessed day in the Kingdom. This morning we had 4 studies with 2 of them giving their lives to the Lord! This afternoon we had one more study with two young men and they gave their lives to the Lord. Let me tell you about all of them: 1) The first was a woman named Flore. I thought the study was going well but after an hour or so it became clear that she is going to follow her mother into a denomination rather than the Lord’s Church. Jean Claude and I agree that she is well entrenched. I can only pray that one day she will change. The one positive is that her children worship with us. 2) A sweet 20-year-old girl named Florence studied next. This girl is what you call a true prospect as she has visited many times and was eager to give her life to the Lord. 3) The final study was with 2 young men who are Anglophones and have been displaced by the Crisis. They have come to live in Yaounde with their aunt. They were 18 (Johnson) and 15 (Vickel). It was another excellent study and while only Johnson was baptized; I have great belief that Vickel is not far from the Kingdom. You can see Simon and Johnson on the left below. 4) In the afternoon we studied with Lesley and Kerry who are pictured on the right below. All 4 of the new converts are under the age of 20 which makes me both nervous and happy. Nervous that they are serious but happy in that they have a long life (hopefully) of service for the Lord.

Back to the beginning: got up at 7 after another good night’s rest. BTW: Jean Claude’s back is a bit worse today. He slipped in the shower last night but says it is not bad. A/C ran all night and the bed is nice as is everything else. My only complaint is that the lighting is very poor but that is just the rich American in me speaking. It truly is a wonderful hotel. We grabbed a taxi to go to Nkoabang at 8:30 and made good time arriving at just a couple of minutes after 9. Simon is always well prepared and we began studies immediately. After Florence decided to give her life to the Lord Simon took her for the baptism while Jean Claude and I continued to teach. We left around 1:20 to come back and eat our lunch and have a brief period of relaxation. I “relaxed” on my computer and then we ate. It was once again excellent. We then returned at 3:30 for a study at 4 and afterwards we worshiped with the church. I spoke on the Christian Walk and the worship service was inspiring. We then got a taxi back to the hotel but the water is not flowing. They have a generator and say the water will make it up to my floor but as of now, it is still dry. I will Skype with Charlie Brown and Linda in an hour or so. I do not want to sound pessimistic but I am not looking forward to tomorrow. You see; Biyem-Assi is one of the largest congregations in the country but it is not because of evangelism. They have stayed fairly stagnant for a long time. Well, I only pray that I am a false prophet and tomorrow yields positive fruit.

We continue to thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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