Monday, October 29, 2018 7:00pm-1:00pm CST

Dear All:

A good and interesting day. Got up at 6:30 and left the hotel at 7:40. Trip to Yaounde was short and only took 70 minutes from hotel to hotel. We have stayed here before and a number of the employees recognized us. They have always provided good service and the rooms have A/C, an enclosed shower and fridge. We went to a grocery store to buy a few things and then had a nice supper. I have had chicken for about 11 straight days which is no problem for me because if I like something; I can eat it over and over. I did, however, switch to spaghetti tonight and it was delicious. We will be in Yaounde for 2 working days. Tomorrow we work with the Nkoabang Church of Christ and then on Wednesday with the Biyem-Assi Church of Christ. If you can correctly pronounce Nkoabang and Biyem-Assi see my lovely wife for your nickel. I am not worried about her having to pay for two reasons: 1) you can’t pronounce them correctly and 2) even if you could; she cannot so she would not know to give you the money.

If you have been reading my “Howdys” for any length of time you know that they are 75% fluff, garbage or both. I actually may be giving myself too much credit and the percentage may be higher. Well, I want to get serious for a minute. I have told you of the Crisis that is taking place on the English side. It is truly severe. We have brethren who have lost their homes and even their lives. Many are living in the bush in fear. I have been able to secure a good amount of money to help buy various things to help our brethren. Even though the greatest problems are on the English side it has produced a burden to the French. Many have fled to live with relatives or anyone who would take them in. The church has done a good job of trying to help. Today Jean Claude went to the market to buy a number of things to hand out. We spent about 2 hours working on getting everything prepared. What you see on the left are ‘care packages’ containing bathing soap, laundry soap, rice, ground nuts (they make this into a stew), spaghetti, sardines, water, salt and sanitary napkins. To a person who resides in the United States that would seem rather paltry but they are so thankful. There were only 30 packages handed out today but Jean Claude says on the English side the church hall will be filled. On the right below, you can see Daniel Melee (the preacher at Biyem-Assi) pouring ground nuts into a sack that Jean Claude is holding. I have no way of knowing how long this Crisis will last but I pray that brethren in the States will continue to contribute. Our brethren are truly suffering and the church is taking a big hit. For example, Kumba Town is the largest congregation in the country with an attendance of about 225 on a typical Sunday morning. That number now will go as low as 20 on many occasions. Please keep our brethren in your prayers.

Jean Claude’s back is still paining him some but is much better. I continue to feel fine. We are looking forward to our time in Nkoabang tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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