Sunday, October 28, 2018 5:45pm-11:45am CST

Dear All:

The Lord blessed us with another great day. We had two baptisms and one of them was the brother I wrote about yesterday who was serious but had said no. Jean Claude and Simon both told me at supper last night that they thought he was serious. Well, he was at Bible class and worship and desired baptism. His name is Salomon and he is on the left below. We were also able to share the gospel with his son, Andre, and he desired baptism. Salomon had actually taught him last night as well! The one on the right is Pierre from yesterday. While the prospects have not been plenty; they have truly been serious people. We have studied with 15 and 11 of them gave their lives to the Lord.

I was blessed with another good night’s rest and got up at 7. A brother from Yaounde named Scott came and took us to the hall. We are talking about a small house and you can see the congregation below. There are 4 congregations in Yaounde and one of them sends members each Sunday. It will still be a struggle for this congregation as they are new babes, for the most part. The worship service was very encouraging. During the sermon the rain began to fall heavily. The roof is zinc so the noise was great but we managed to get through. Jean Claude was using his phone as a songbook! My how technology has changed over the 30 years I have been working on this continent. 8 or so climbed into Scott’s car to go down to the Nyong (Plunge) River to witness the new births of Salomon and Andre. We then went over to Salomon’s house to encourage not only the new brothers but the entire congregation. It was a beneficial time. Jean Claude and I came back to the hotel and I started packing. This hotel has been very nice as the power and water have been constant. My fridge was absolutely fantastic and my Coke Zeros are now history. I can get some more tomorrow in Yaounde. Jean Claude and I enjoyed our supper and discussed, among other things, the crisis. Today, for example, his congregation numbered 278 which is a full 100 more than usual. This is because of displaced brethren from the English side. I will Skype with Linda later and in the mean time try to get fully caught up on stuff. Jean Claude’s back is better but he still needs the prayers. I am absolutely great and we both thank you for your prayers. This has been a great campaign thus far and tomorrow we travel to Yaounde where we will work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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