Saturday, October 27, 2018 8:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

If you are receiving this on Monday, it is because shortly after I arrived in Mbalmayo the internet went down. If you are receiving it on Saturday then disregard the previous sentence. Actually, as I write I am using Jean Claude’s modem which is working so hopefully I will get this sent before he repossesses it!

The Lord blessed us with a fruitful day. You can define “fruitful” in more than one way. You may teach a prospect and they did not respond but you have done what the Father has commanded and in that sense; you were fruitful. Even when we have a good number of baptisms we must never forget that it is the Lord that is doing the work and we are weak vessels that He is using in a great way.

I awoke at 7 and we left at 9. Simon Parfait picked us in his vehicle and we went to study with a husband, wife and daughter. I will tell you what happened in the afternoon in a moment but the morning session was quite interesting. The man appears to be serious and is an intelligent guy. He said he wanted baptism but not at this time. I still felt as though it was a good study. We then came back to the hotel for a brief rest.

In the afternoon we were not able to resume our study with the husband and his family but we were privileged to study with the brother on the left below, Pierre (Peter). Please pray for him as he has had more than his fair share of problems in life. He will need all of the encouragement that the brethren can give. Remember this is a small congregation and he is the first man. The picture on the right is one of the strangest prospects I have ever had. Well, the rabbit actually wasn’t a prospect but he did come in and listen for a short time. No positive response, however. After the baptism we went back to Pierre’s house to encourage him to remain in the faith. We then came back to the hotel and Simon joined us for supper. We had both a good meal and a better discussion of a number of things.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. Jean Claude appears to be 6 months pregnant with twins. He calls his belly his ball. The night we were in Ebolowa after the evening service a sister named Vera dropped her phone. Jean Claude said it his is ball and that is the reason why it fell.
  2. We baptized Pierre in the Nyong River which is quite interesting because in the local dialect the word Nyong means to plunge so this is a true baptistry!
  3. Jean Claude tried to help me with my modem. He is a blessing to be with for many reasons. If I ever need anything I have it with a smile.

I will Skype with Linda soon. Jean Claude’s back is better but his doctor said that once the mission is over he will need to get it X-rayed to have a better diagnosis. Please continue to keep him in prayer. I am doing GREAT and we both thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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