Friday, October 26, 2018 6:15pm-12:15pm CST

Dear All:

With all of the packing and unpacking my days are running together. I am not sure what day it is but I think it is Friday, at least that is what I have put on my heading! It has been a relaxing day. I got up at 7 and we headed out around 8:30. Stopped by a shop to get breakfast and I had ice cream, plantain chips and OJ. I am one of these people who are very disciplined and I stick to my diet. The road from Ebolowa and Mbalmayo is a nice tar road and we made it in 2 hours. Let me explain the pictures below; on the left is a picture from yesterday and it is the children’s classroom at Ebolowa. On the right is something I had never seen; a car phone! The hotel is very nice with A/C and a fridge. This is a GREAT fridge. I put a Coke Zero in the freezer (it had just been turned on) and we went to town to get some water and by the time I returned; it was already beginning to freeze. That may not seem like a big deal to you but in both Yokaduma and Ebolowa I had no fridge and the one in Bertoua looked very nice but did not put out any cold in the least. Jean Claude and I went to the restaurant to order supper and the rain fell heavy. We have truly been blessed on this journey as the rain has never affected the work in any negative way. I think I told you early on that Mbalmayo is a new congregation not even up to 10 members. There are two congregations in Yaounde who are working with it and Simon Parfait will come down from Yaounde tomorrow and work with us both Saturday and Sunday. He is the preacher for the Nkoabang Church of Christ and we will work with them next Tuesday. Our supper was delicious and the girl who took care of the food is named Janet and is from Buea. She is an Anglophone by birth but is fluent in French. I am an Anglophone from birth and can barely speak English! Due to the shortness of the day I have been able to get a lot of stuff out of the way and plan to watch a movie or a Rockford File or two this evening. There are not many times when I can totally relax so this will be enjoyable. It is such a blessing to be able to Skype with Charlie Brown and TMBWITEU. In case you have forgotten; that is The Most Beautiful Woman In The Entire Universe. I could add AB which would stand for And Beyond which is certainly true. The greatest thing about Linda is not her physical beauty but the faith that is evident in her life. You see; she is a beautiful Christian which is what truly matters. I know that Alex (our 13-year-old granddaughter) and Charlie Brown are going to spend tonight with Grandma. They will have a blast. All of the grandkids love Grandma more than me with good reason! It will still be 3 hours before I am able to Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma. Jean Claude says his back is better today. Please continue to pray for him. I am doing well and thank you for every thought and prayer.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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