Wednesday, October 24, 2018 7:50pm-1:50pm CST

Dear All:

This will be relatively short. Have had a nice and relaxing day. Left Bertoua at about 7:15 and arrived in Ebolowa at 2:30 or so. Ride was smooth and the hotel we are lodged in is very nice. Jean Claude and I finished supper an hour or so ago and previous to that we had visited with one of the members in Ebolowa: Etienne Fossi. It does not appear that they are well prepared but we will see tomorrow. We do have one prospect at 10am and we are praying that he/she is serious.

I do need to make a few comments regarding my diet. Those of you who are nutritionists like me will understand everything I am fixin to say. For breakfast I had Plantain Chips, a Snickers Bar and washed it down with some OJ. If you notice; that is as good a breakfast as you can get at IHOP or is it IHOB? Then for lunch I decided to have balance so I had two different kinds of ice cream and also washed them down with OJ. If any of you need any dietary advice; you know where to go.

Oh; Jean Claude’s back is much better but we still ask you to pray for him. It is too early to Skype with Charlie Brown and Linda but I have other things to do and will get to that. Oh; this hotel is like the one in Bertoua in that the lighting is excellent as is the A/C. Thank you for your continued prayers. Below is Jean Claude and Rodrique on the left and then Jean Claude with his brother Paul.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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