Monday, October 22, 2018 8:20pm-2:20pm CST

Dear All:

Dusty and muddy roads are now in our rearview mirror! Yea!!!!

Got up at 6 and left the hotel at 7:15. The Lord was so kind to us as He chased the rain and for the most part; we were dealing with dust which I like. The little mud we went through was of no significance. Before we left Rodrique came with his son Chris and you can see us below. The truck that had overturned last week and caused the traffic to back up had been removed. Let me add this quickly; I have been writing these HOWDYS for about 10 years or so. That means I have written roughly 600 and since my creativity level stops at 7; you can understand why I repeat myself so often. We arrived in Bertoua around 3:15 and have settled in to the hotel. We will only be here 2 nights and tomorrow is the only day we work in Bertoua. The nature of this trip is that we will work for only 1-2 days with 7 congregations. Please pray that tomorrow is fruitful. Thanks for your prayers for Jean Claude. His back is better but still not 100%. Please pray for Charles Northington; he is the father of our preacher’s wife where Linda and I worship. He is in his upper 90s (I think) and has pneumonia. Oh; I was able to Skype with my care group last night and it was good to see their faces. I will Skype with Charlie Brown and Grandma in about 90 minutes. I miss that kid!

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. My lovely wife has the bad habit of telling people that I only eat one meal per day which is patently false. Now it is true that 15-20 years ago that was my regimen but no more. For example, we stopped at a Petrol Station this morning and I got some Pumpkin Bread (which was really good) and had some juice. For lunch I had some crackers and the caramel coated peanuts I mentioned last week. Then for supper I had chicken and fries so you can see I am eating plenty and in a healthy way. I also eat a big breakfast in the States.
  2. The road from Yokaduma to Bertoua took years off of my life. You see, when I arrived I looked in the mirror and my gray hair had gone back to its native brown!
  3. I mentioned the 13 people in a car yesterday and you can see below that machines were not made for only two people.

I am going to get to work so I can land in bed at a decent time. Thanks for your continued prayers and ask the Lord to speak through us tomorrow.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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