Sunday, October 21, 2018 9:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

Truly had a blessed day! Got so many good pictures that if I miss a day; I can go back and use one of those I took today.

Woke up after another great night’s rest. I pray that this ‘broken record’ will continue to be ‘played’ each day. Power has been on non-stop for over 24 hours which is great! Got up at 7:15 and did usual stuff. We climbed two machines and was at the building a bit before 9. There were already a good number present. The worship service is always interesting in Yokaduma. You see; there are 4 dialects spoken in this area alone. The primary one is Bimu so Jean Claude translated from English to French and a brother named Roger translated from French to Bimu. I may have Bimu misspelled but my spell checker does not know Bimu! If I remember correctly Cameroon has 273 distinct dialects which is more than any African country. With two translators I have time to change my thoughts mid-stream! The worship service was very inspiring and I pray that the Lord was pleased. After the service they had a dedication that was really neat and you can see it below. On the left they dedicated Barnette and Danielle to a life of faithful service. On the right are two recent newborns who they were dedicating. Hannah is a good example of that and each of us need to dedicate our children to God whether it be in a formal service or in our homes. On the right below, you will see me along with Popabou Dassy Jim Caleb. Rodrique and Cristel told me that they named the child after me because of all that I have done for them. The reality is that Chris and Angela Lowe have done much more than I have but their first-born boy is named Chris at he should be. Chris and Angela are GREAT Christians. After the worship I was able to study with 6 precious souls. Two of them were so steeped in false doctrine that even when the simple and plain gospel was preached; it did not penetrate. The Lord, however, touched the hearts of 4 of them and they gave their lives to the Lord. One of the blessings of these campaigns is that we work with existing congregations. In this way the new converts are able to be plugged in immediately to a local congregation. Jean Claude was having some back pain from this morning and he thought it was related to the Kidney surgeries he has had. He got ahold of a doctor at his congregation and his long-distance diagnosis is that it is a problem with his lumbar region. He prescribed some medicine and tonight he is feeling some relief. Please pray that this pain will be temporary. We took machines back to the hotel for a brief moment of relaxation and then returned for the afternoon worship. This has been a fruitful two days and is pure justification for the long journey. I am not one who enjoys traveling but I love this ministry because of what the Lord is able to accomplish once we arrive at a particular work. We got home after the service and had supper at 6 and it was excellent. I have been packing as I will have to get up at 6 tomorrow morning.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

  1. On Friday we had no bathing water but yesterday we did. Now it was not Niagra Falls but it did the job. Today it was gushing which was very nice.
  2. I have told you in previous missives that in Kumba (the English side) you will not leave the park until there are 7 passengers plus the driver in a Toyota Corolla. Well, that is child’s play. Yokaduma has opened a church in a village about 12 kilometers away (however far that is) and the brethren came today in a two-door car. There were 13!!!!! If you ever complain about being in a cramped space, knock it off!
  3. The small group that Linda and I are a part of is meeting at our house tonight and I hope to be able to Skype with all of them.
  4. Yesterday I noticed 16 big trucks that were parked and not allowed to move. Someone up the line determines if the road is OK for these big boys.

I am basically packed and will get on the internet to check email. Please continue to pray for Jean Claude. Thanks for all of your prayers. We head back to Bertoua tomorrow and will be praying that we do not meet any rain. The plan is to leave around 7 and hopefully get there by 4.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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