Wednesday, June 27, 2018 3:20pm-9:20am CST

Dear All:

Only 122,000 seconds before I see TMBWITU! Here is how the day has unfolded thus far. I was really blessed to sleep until 9 am which is 3 am in Garland. By the time I get home tomorrow I will have been up for roughly 41 hours minus any sleep I can manage on the flights. My life was spared once more as Jean Claude knocked my door at 11:25 so the old ticker is still working fine. He and I did some work on the campaign for this coming October and visited about a few other things. We then got in two taxis and made the journey to the restaurant. The traffic today was unusually light. The picture below is of us at the eatery. We enjoyed our final meal. I told Candace that a valuable part of Christianity is discipline and that she should refrain from eating any ice cream today. Well, that went over like a lead balloon. I had made mention that her meal might fill her up to which she replied: there is always room for ice cream. While we were eating I noticed that Jean Claude violated the rules that his doctor and wife have set down regarding ice cream. I called Mary, as I love Jean Claude, and told her the news. Once before she withheld food from him and according to her; he cried like a small child that has just received a good spanking. Check-out time is normally noon but they allowed us to stay in our rooms until 2. Below you can see all of us in my room. The hotel was kind enough to let us use it until we leave at 5:30. Chris and Candace fly out at 9:30 but Mike, Jan and myself will not leave until 11:20. I will begin my Final Howdy at the airport and write in several installments until I get home tomorrow, Lord willing. This has been a GREAT trip and we are all thankful for your prayers and concern for us. I especially thank each of you who ministered to Linda in any way.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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