Tuesday, June 26, 2018 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Well, I am still in the land of the living as Jean Claude showed up at 11:15 instead of the 10 he had said. To be fair; he later amended it to 10:30 but the last time I checked 11:15 is after 10:30. This was supposed to be my FINAL HOWDY but that will have to wait for one more day. We are flying out tomorrow night but in different ways. Mike & Jan will go from Douala to Paris to Houston which is no change for them. Chris and Candace are flying out earlier than Mike, Jan and myself as they are traveling to Brussels and then to Frankfurt and to Dallas. I am flying to Paris and then to Cincinnati and finally Dallas. If you know anyone who thinks that traveling is wonderful; give them my email or phone # and I will set them straight. When I called Linda last night she was not happy. I told Beatrice (the main girl at the desk in the hotel) that we had to stay another night and she was very happy. I told her that Linda was not and she said that she would be happy for her. I am sure when Linda reads this she will cheer up. The photo below on the left is of extremely light traffic. The one on the right is of medium traffic. Sorry I do not have any photos of heavy traffic. We went to the restaurant to order lunch and then I and Jean Claude climbed machines to go and do an errand. We were gone for about 25 minutes and when we got back the food was still not on the table. If people went to restaurants here in a state of starvation; it would be wise to have the funeral companies with their hearses prepared! Had a great meal and then Mike and Jean Claude went to get his medicine (see #1 below) while Mary and Candace went to the market to shop. When Candace finds a husband; I will pray for him daily. She is a good girl but like so many other wonderful women; does not know the proper way to shop. I have been working on Linda for decades but nothing works. I tell her that when we go to a store we are on a mission and to stay focused on the item we went to purchase. Instead she has eyes that dart to and fro and I have to continue to remind her: focus, focus, focus. Jan, Chris and I went to a grocery store to buy some essentials. Since we were originally scheduled to fly out tonight we had no snack food left! I had a good visit with Mike and Jan. They are a GREAT couple and wonderful examples of what a Christian should look like. I went down and watched my brethren eat for a while and then came back up. I have taken my final shower, at least I hope so. At the dinner table tonight Jean Claude (or it may have been Candace) joked about the flight being cancelled tomorrow night. I am not worried.

Misc Thoughts:

  1. Mike ran out of a prescription but no problem; here you do not need a prescription. The drug was Lyrica and we simply went to the Pharmacy and bought it over the counter.
  2. I am on another “death watch”. You see; Jean Claude told me that he will definitely be here at 11:00am sharp tomorrow. If you love me, please pray that he is late!!!!!
  3. Candace is eating so much ice cream I fear she will turn into an ice cream cone!
  4. Here is one of the many redundant statements I have made over the years: I found myself smiling once more on a machine today! If you enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride; you need to come here and ride on a machine. I am not joking; these guys are sooooooooooooooo good!

We have been so blessed and thank you for every prayer. In my Final Howdy I will write in more detail regarding the impact of the campaign. If you live in the Garland area please come to the Buckingham Road Church of Christ on Sunday, July 8 at 5 pm to hear of the journey.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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