Sunday, June 24, 2018 8:50pm-2:50pm CST

Dear All:

Trip #60 to Cameroon and #83 to Africa is now in the books. Like all of its predecessors; this was another great trip. I suppose it will be possible to have a bad trip one day but so far, that has not been the case. We had a good day of worship and evangelism and ended with 40 Bible studies, 13 baptisms and countless classes taught to the brethren. I got up at 7:00am (I realize that much of this ‘fluff’ must bore you) and went down at 8:20. A brother named Frederick picked me and he, I and the driver rode the machine to Mambanda. The bridge to Bonaberi is so nice and a good deal of it is now 3 lanes on each side. Of course, with today being Sunday the traffic was light. I taught both the Sunday school and preached. You can see the congregation on the bottom left. I think the picture makes the hall look bigger than it is. We had 23 which is fairly typical. Afterwards I had a study with a lady named Lucenia. My gut feeling is not good but that does not always tell the tale. I will continue to pray that God works through the seed that was sown. Daniel (see #2 below) brought me back and Jan was here. Shortly thereafter Mike arrived and neither had any studies today. Later Candace came back and then Chris. While the campaign was encouraging; the evangelism today was not. Chris had 2 studies plus my 1 and that was it for the day. I am disappointed in the Douala congregations as you would have thought they would have many prospects on a Sunday. Everyone except Chris was back by 2 but he rolled in around 4:30. We ordered supper in the hotel restaurant and the schedule was to eat at 6 and the food was promptly ready at 6:45. Everything was good. I just finishing Skyping with TMBWITU and she still is. I am so thankful that she is feeling well.

Misc thoughts:

  1. Many of the churches have a time keeper when you teach Bible class or preach. With class today, the signs the timekeeper had began with 45 minutes and went to 20, 10 and then 5. I timed it well so I did not see the STOP sign which they have. I actually did not look during my sermon as I try to preach as long as I desire although this sermon was not a long one. In the States I represent WBS and preach on a Sunday morning in various congregations. For example, in July and August I will preach for 6 different congregations and don’t have to worry about the time because they can’t fire me!!!!!
  2. When I was fixin to come home a brother named Daniel took me on his machine. Just as I was getting aboard he told me to wait. He came back with a wet cloth and wiped the seat. With reference to the heat of the seat he said: there is fire on the machine and he was gracious enough to keep me from burning.
  3. I forgot to tell you that the lifter (elevator) is not working so we have the pleasure (I use the term loosely) to climb stairs. We are on the 2nd floor so it ain’t too bad. Beats getting stuck in a lifter as Terry Harlow, Louise Clement, Louis and Linda Bassay and another couple were a few years ago. It wasn’t all that pleasant but it made a great story!
  4. The picture on the right is of Simon and his family. His wife’s name is Nadedge and you have Herman, Daniel, Esther and Emmanuel.
  5. When I came up to my room after supper I thought I was in Alaska! Had to turn the A/C up before frostbite set in!

We are all well and looking forward to a day of relaxation tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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