Saturday, June 23, 2018 9:05pm-3:05pm CST

Dear All:

We have all had the experience of waiting in a hospital room or waiting room for countless hours. You do nothing and yet you get tired. Well, today we didn’t do much but it was tiring. Got up at 5:30 and slept well again. We started carrying bags down at 6:15 and were on our way to the bus station by 6:35. Traffic was still light so we made it by 7. Bus was scheduled to depart at 7:30 and it did!!!!! This may be the nicest bus I have ever ridden on (or is it in)? It had wonderful A/C; each seat had a personal video (although I couldn’t see what to do with it), seat belts, a clock that worked and also a ‘thing’ that told us the temperature. It said 20 but I don’t think it was that cold! I will confess that I got goose bumps. Oh, it also had a very nice and clean restroom. We made good time to Douala and then the creep began. After about an hour or so Mike said: I will never complain about traffic in Houston again! We made it to the bus station and got 3 taxis to take all of us and our stuff to the hotel. We dumped our stuff and headed to get something to eat. Candace was so excited because we went back to the joint that has ice cream. You can see her digging in below. Martin then took me to one grocery store (note #2 below) and they had no Coke Zero. Well, I know a bunch of grocery stores in this part of Douala and we hit pay dirt on the second try. When I got back I started unpacking and then began work on my PowerPoint Presentation for July 8. We are going to have a devotional and after the ‘formal’ service is over; we will all meet in the MPA and Chris will speak first, then Candace and finally me. Mike and Jan have a plumbing problem (all they need is a plunger) and we have been working on getting someone here for 90 minutes. He did come once but without a plunger and was supposed to come back but as I write; he is still absent. Tomorrow Candace will teach the children at Jean Claude’s congregation; Mike will speak at Dakar (where Julien preaches); Jan will teach the children at Bonaberi, Chris will teach at Logpom and I will be at Mambanda. We will hopefully have prospects after the worship and look forward to worshipping and winning souls. I am fixin to have supper and plan to dine on a banana Twinkie. It is very healthy as I read the “nutrition facts”. It has 15% of my Carbohydrates for the day; 0% of Vit A; 0% of Vit C; 2% of Calcium and 4% of Iron. Not only is it healthy but it is tasty. I may chase it down with a Mars Bar and Coke Zero. You add all that up and you are sitting pretty good!

Misc thoughts:

  1. Candace is going to have to return because she did not experience Africa. You see, the roads were all good, the weather was nice and all of the lodging was great.
  2. I was a bit disappointed in Martin today. He had taken me to the grocery store to hunt some Coke Zero (which we found) and on the way back he stopped at a red light. I thought that he knew that if you are a machine you simply look and if the coast is clear, or kind of clear; you move.
  3. Crossing the street in the front of the hotel brings a whole new meaning to: watch both ways before you cross. You see, even if you are on a median and you expect no traffic from your left; there may be!
  4. The bus we rode in is a biggun (I just added biggun to my dictionary)! At any rate we are going down the highway and a machine is headed in our direction. I guess he figgered that getting splattered on the front of a big bus would not be a good thing so he moved to the shoulder.
  5. The picture on the right is actually from yesterday. I do not think I have made mention of the traffic on this trip so here goes: you cannot understand the congestive nature and how well they all get around!

These campaigns fly and tomorrow will be it. We have been so blessed by our Father and we thank Him and you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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