Sunday, June 17, 2018 7:20pm-1:20pm CST

Dear All:

Are you aware that preachers can be given to overstatement! You might hear the same preacher over a period of 10 years and on 5 different occasions he would speak of the greatest need in the church today or the greatest problem in the church today or the greatest Christian trait and they would all be different. The reason I bring that up is that I do not want you to think from my Howdys that all is well with the church in Cameroon and we have conquered every problem. Such is not the case but as I have stated many times; I am most concerned with the direction of the church and I believe it is moving in the right way. The progress will never be fast or great enough but thankfully, we have a patient Father. One of my favorite verses is the latter part of Psalm 103:14 which says He remembers that we are dust. That should not lead us to be lazy or thinking that our service is unimportant but simply that God knows our weaknesses and loves us in spite of them.

Today was a day of worship as the schedule for the day did not have evangelism in mind. Such an important part of these campaigns is when we can share the Word with our brethren and enjoy the fellowship of being in the same family. We were to leave for the church hall promptly at 9am and succeeded at 9:30! Virtually every congregation in Cameroon begins Bible class at 9 but Sangmelima begins at 9:30 (at least that is the posted time)! Once we arrived we enjoyed a period of singing and then Mike took the Bible class and did an excellent job from I Cor 9:24-27 regarding the Christian race. Jean Claude interpreted for him. We then had a 10-minute break followed by some encouraging singing. Prosper can really lead singing! Not trying to pick a fight but I am opposed to Praise Teams but not because I think they are in and of themselves sinful. Rather that they can turn the song service into a concert atmosphere (especially if the singers are really good). God enjoys every voice if the music is coming from our heart. I am convinced that some of the most pleasing singers in the church can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Reminds me of one of my teachers in preaching school who said: I can carry a tune, I just have trouble unloading it! I am not sure if I have ever heard a better song leader than Prosper! When you have a good song leader, the service will be excellent. While Mike’s class was going on Candace was teaching the children and she loved them and they loved her. Honestly; she is a pretty cool young lady! The class was centered around John 14:6 regarding Jesus being the way. She had a game they played and when they made a right decision they got a “green card” as you can see below. If they messed up there were other ways to ultimately be successful (follow Jesus). Vincent helped with the class and said it was highly profitable. He gave her “2 thumbs up” and I think he would given her more but he only has the two! Below is a picture of the congregation. As you can see, we enjoyed close and warm fellowship!

After the singing I preached from Hebrews 12:1-3 and the aim of the lesson was to help us focus our eyes on the Lord. Well, one of the sisters said that the message truly touched her heart. She had been baptized some years ago but it was the force of the husband that led her to the water. She said that she knew her eyes had not been on Jesus and she wanted to surrender to him. My experience in preaching is very limited but seldom do I have this kind of positive response. Next, we dined with our Lord and Vincent led our thoughts. Some more songs and then Chris led our thoughts as we prepared to give back to the Lord. It was a fairly lengthy service but the time flew by. Next the children came in and sang for us and about 6-8 recited a memory verse. It was really neat to see these kids and listen to them. Then Jean Claude spoke to the 5 converts from yesterday and encouraged them as they begin their Christian life. There was a Potluck afterwards but we did not eat due to the fact this is a village and we could not be sure of the safety of the food. Jean Claude announced that and no one was offended. Oh, Candace got to ride a machine today and she liked it. What is not to like? Even Ellen would love it if you could get her to climb. Kind of like Charlie Brown and not liking foods he has never tried. A brother named Lucas has been taking us around and he brought us back to the hotel. Everyone except Chris as he delayed and road a machine back with the guys. He then watched futbol (soccer) with them. The only thing worse than watching a futbol match would be if you had to dine on liver while watching! At least that is my humble opinion. We were to eat supper at 5pm and it was promptly ready at 5:45 but it was worth the wait. I spent some of the afternoon packing as we will head for Yaounde in the morning.

Let me take a minute to praise and thank our Heavenly Father. Thus far the trip has been without incident and truly smooth. The few times when the power was out did not cause any trouble. We have had safe travel, good food and GREAT fellowship. One of the greatest blessings of a campaign is the camaraderie with both the American brethren and our dear Cameroonian brothers. I was finally able to Skype with Linda last night and she is doing well. Will call her later. I may actually get in bed at a reasonable time but the operative word is may. Experience says that I always get in bed later than I thought I would. I had another refreshing shower and am ready to relax a bit. Thanks so much for your continued prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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