Saturday, June 16, 2018 9:40pm-3:40pm CST

Dear All:

You cannot judge a campaign from the first day but I was thoroughly happy with today. We had 12 Bible studies and 5 baptisms. I did not have any but one of my students was a new convert that has been struggling with his faith. I studied with him for several hours and the brother interpreting (a member at Sangmelima) said that it was very helpful. I do not have any details on the baptisms because I was busy all day doing a variety of things. You will see a picture of Mike teaching below and this man is now our brother in Christ. He did have another study this afternoon with a man I studied with last October. Both times he said no but more soil was planted. On the right are from left to right: Julien (preacher from Dakar who is helping with translation), Prosper (one of the leading members in Sangmelima and a GREAT song leader), Joseph (the member I taught this morning), Simon (the preacher from Nkoabang who is helping with the translation) and David (one of the faithful brothers in Sangmelima). We taught until about 1:30 and came back to the hotel for a break. Went back about 90 minutes later and Jan taught a class for the sisters. Mike and Chris also taught prospects. At 5 we had a worship service that was attended well. I spoke and was pleased with the attention they gave. Walked back to the junction and caught a machine to the hotel. First machine I have ridden on this journey and hopefully it will not be my last. Got home around 6:10 with supper at 6:30. I have eaten the same thing the first two days and will do the same tomorrow. After all, if you find a good horse; ride him. Oh, I meant to tell you that Sangmelima has allowed me to know that my sweat glands are still functioning well. It has not been that bad but the power has went off a few times. I took a nice shower and feel great. I tried to Skype with Linda but the call would not pass. Will try later.

While I am thinking about it: Candace wanted me to write in my Howdy that she did not have ice cream today. There are two other things you need to be aware of regarding that subject: 1) They do not have ice cream here and 2) She threw a temper tantrum when she discovered that fact. I had to put her in a “time-out”. When I was a kid I would have preferred a “time-out” to the whipping I got from my mom with a nice belt! Of course, that concept had not been invented at the time but if I would have brought it up I can here her saying: “I’ll give you a time-out as soon as your posterior cools down!” Didn’t get any participation trophies either. One other “Candace” story; on the way back this afternoon we had a car that would seat 2 in the front and 3 in the back but there were 6 of us. She volunteered to ride in the boot and we said: WHY? When she got in she was so surprised when Jean Claude said that the car was not full (and he was right).

Have some misc stuff to do and will once again shoot for a midnight departure. We are all well and thank you for each and every prayer.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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